Thursday, July 30, 2009


This weekend I'll be raiding the real world, so there won't be any posts from me. I did speak to Nim however who said she might come by and drop in a few words :)

For those of you who are curious. I will be going to Castlefest. A yearly medieval festival with song and dance, looking forward to it ^_^

Better get packing! other news. Thanks to all you guys this blog has had over 10.000 hits. Started in March and it didn't go skyhigh immediately, but steadily more people joined, and hey still going strong and still here. So a big thank you to the readers ^_^



  1. Grats yo, enjoy the weekend!

  2. I can't read that site? Is that German? I wanna raid a castle *sniffle*

  3. *giggle* voila the english version

  4. Good morning!

    YesI will post something over the weekend in your absence:)
    Working on it since about 2 days...but work is keeping me busy all day.

    @Shy: enjoy your weekend.

    @rivs: it's actually not german, i don't understand all of it. It' netherlandish (okay, no idea how you say that in english)

  5. We call it Netherspeak. LOL!. Ok I call it that. Sounds cooler.

  6. Shy: our Ulduar 25 today certainly missed you and Thrornir. We were slower than last week, but did finish to Kologarn. Considering that we had several new raiders (both to the pug and to Ulduar 25), it was a good achievement to do Levi hard mode with two towers.

    We did try XT hard mode, but only came within 40% of killing the heart.

    I'll update you on how Sunday goes in your absence. Hope you enjoy your anachronist stuff with the cardboard knights!

  7. Day 2 of Uld 25 went well. We raided for about 2.5 hrs, and finished Razorscale, Ignis, Iron Council, and Auriaya. Ignis and Iron Council were splendid one-shots, so that was good.

    WWS is here: More details to follow when I catch you in-game next. Have a great finish to your castle party!