Saturday, January 26, 2013

For what it's worth

I like 10s better than 25s. 


1. With 10 people you normally have a tighter group. 
You know each other better, and you have to trust more on each other to do the job. In 25s you always get sub groups. This is not even my experience only, there has actually been research into this stuff and once a group gets to big, it will automatically split into smaller groups.

2. I find deafeating a boss with less people a lot more epic. 
Think about it...I defeated all those big dragons and baddies with only 10 people, other groups needed 25. Bah weakos, had to pull in all their friends to be able to beat da boss.

3. With only 10 people there are less spell effects and I actually get to see more of the fight. 
When I ran 25s I saw very little of the fight itself, the spell effects were overwhelming. I get this with LFR already and there you don't even have to focus much.

4. With 10 people each person has more accountability per person.
My experience in 25s is that more people can screw up. Actually, it's a fact that with 25s more people can screw up because you get 3 battle rezzes, and you even get more shaman logically that can self-rez.

5. Healing is a lot more intense in a 10man raid. 
With 25 people you have 5 or 6 healers covering the raid. You have a certain role, you do your role and you don't often move away from doing your role. In 10s you sort of have to be able to do everything. In current content the only boss we have somewhat strict healing divide on is Garalon, and even there we have to keep an eye on all targets and not just on the ones our focus is on.

6. Organization is less intense in 10s.
What can I say I am a control freak...or wait, think positive...a natural leader. When I see a situation that needs organization and structure I tend to step forward and take over. Not in a mean way, but it naturally happens often. I know what I'm doing and when there is not a strong lead in a group I take over.

This leads to me always leading something in a 25. In our 10s people lead themselves. I do some organizational stuff, like copy/paste the calendar invite, but the rest gets itself arranged.

I do have to say that I am incredibly lucky with the base of our 10man group. We've had people rotating in and out, but the base group is strong and stable, for which I am very thankful.

There you go, six strong reasons for me to like 10s better. So the fact that Blizzard feels that 10s are worth less than 25s, is to me another disappointment to the game.

Bit of a shame...I was discussing with Thror yesterday. And while this whole loot change is on its own not even all that big of a deal. MoP has few things in it that not have a bad aftertaste for me.

I hated Cataclysm with a passion, but I play less during MoP...but hey, that might just be the next blog post.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Foot in mouth disease

10s aren't more popular because the entire community agreed they're more fun, it's just a simple case of effort versus reward. 

A sentence grabbed from a blue comment....

In one sentence this person just called everybody who does 10s lazy and greedy.

Tons of players would love to do 25s, but the coordination and effort to do so is more difficult with very little additional reward. 

This was the sentence before that.

Tons of players....obviously not tons of leaders, because otherwise there would be more 25s than 10s. And if those leader's are sick of dealing with the extra organizational hazzle, why does it make sense to offer the entire raid a higher chance for higher item level loot?

I see what Blizz is trying to do, but the sort of nonsense they are trying to do now with the thunderforge loot only pisses people off.

Add to that these sort of explanations of why what they're doing is a good thing to do, and you'll piss even more people off. Smart move Blizz.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Monk Tier 15

So I checked out the monk tier 15 at MMO-Champion and I honestly thought that they had managed to put the wrong video with the link and had used the tier 14 video again.

Thror said that it was different so I checked, and indeed it is indeed different. More different than I thought in fact, but the fact that I though they had mistakenly put the wrong video in says something....

I guess the fact that apparently all monks wear flying saucers threw me for a loop. So far not too impressed though, finding it boring, and quite unimaginative for tier armor.

Especially since this is only the monk's second tier it could be somewhat more spectacular. I'm having difficulty finding gear that looks good for my transmog.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Where are you now?

Patch 5.2 Release Date
More interestingly, what do you think would be a good date to launch 5.2?

Do you think the majority of players are already “finished” with the current content? Where do you think most players stand in terms of PvE and PvP progress right now?
What rules do you think we should follow when deciding to launch new content? 
Should it be a fixed linear time cycle? (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

I copied this from MMO-Champion, and funny enough it kept the style...

So where are you now?

Where am I?

Well, I am currently finishing off Shado-Pan rep. I am 2/3 through revered with them. I am also finishing off August Celestials, I am a sliver away from Revered with them.

Raiding wise we have killed the first four bosses from Heart of Fear and were closing in on the kill on Amber Shaper.

Gearwise...well, we have been incredibly unlucky with the leather spirit drops, but our raid has their gear somewhat behind what we're beating, because I'm not the only one who has not finished their reps.

Valor points? I have now reached the valor cap 5 times since MoP went live! But then again, we were talking about this during raid last week and one of our shamans said he had reached it a whole total of once.

Legendary quest? I am 2200/6000 or so. I have a 500 int gem in my bags which is rather useless since I have no weapon to stick it in (not a usefull weapon at least, I did get the staff without spirit twice already in LFR).

Pet Battles, I have several pets at level 25, and am 2/4 on the Spirit Tamer quest.

Alts? yah...not nearly as far as I would wish to be, mostly because I keep feeling guilty if I spend time on an alt while I could finish of reps on my main.

Challenge Modes? We've completed 1 challenge mode and got no medals for it. Luckily I find the gear monks get ridiculously ugly, so I only have to get silver to get the mount. But yeah, somewhere I would love to find time to do some of this.

I have done the scenarios all once at least, but since I don't have time I am nowhere near tired of them. I am somewhat done with dungeons though since it doesn't seem to matter how much time I put in there, I seem to get the wrong ones anyways.

Oh yah...I am also allowed to go into Black Temple for transmog gear now, and got myself brutally murdered by the heads boss (reliquary), the rest is fairly easily doable solo.

So all in all I am nowhere near done with this patch

Yet, people are asking about patch 5.2. I am personally hoping that it will not be there for a bit still. I have accomplished quite a bit if I put it all in a row, but specifically the alts part is something that I would love to find some time for before I have to get back to grinding on the main again.

And I would love to have at least cleared all the normals before the next patch. Terrace is a few weeks away and I am looking forward to this instance. I find it incredibly pretty in LFR and the fights seem like they will be a fun challenge.

And I'm not even looking much at the achievements...

I guess FP's other group is looking at achievements...cause this was not our 10man...sounds fun, lol. 

So like all the Panda's say, Blizz:  'Slow Down.'

I am in no hurry to have a new patch already. I would only feel way behind again. (and we're 14th on the server on 10man progression...I think there might be more people who are not done yet).

How about you?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Alts, will they ever be the same again?

I came >< this close to actually quitting the game entirely last week. I had a whole post written up and was ready to post on our guild forums that I would not be raiding that weekend, or in fact any weekend at all every again.

The main reason?

I am tired of waiting for change. The game to me has not felt fully fun since Wrath of the Lich King.

Cataclysm was one big annoyance to me. Not until the very end did it feel like more fun again. Mana management is what Blizzard wants, but I hate it. I hate not being able to heal when I should be healing. I hate not being able to compensate.

Mists has done a better job at that end, now when I run out of mana I know I need to tweak my approach, and mana management is not so tight anymore that no mistakes are allowed. Healing stress is slightly lower at least now.

But now I am so tired of the dailies, that I can only longingly look at the moment that my main is caught up and has no more reps to do and can actually just get her valor cap by raiding and LFR.

And maybe, just maybe I'll get to play my alts some. I miss my alts...

My favourite way of playing this game?

Gear my main through raid and a little bit of other stuff, like a dungeon or two. And outside raid time I want to play my alts.

What have I been doing so far?

Playing catch up on my main. Frantically trying to get the reps done so that I won't feel guilty when I spend time on my alt. Running dungeons, scenarios, and doing dailies, just so I can get the valor cap on my main.

I have levelled 1 alt so far. I miss my alts...

Thror kept saying just wait for the next patch, it'll be better. But what the hell. Blizzard has been designing this game for years now, they shouldn't need a next patch again just to make things 'better'. They had it spot on when they started Icecrown.

The only thing wrong with that expansion was that it lasted a bit too long at the end. And even there I didn't care all that much since I had alts that I could gear up and play for the necesary change of flavour. I miss my alts...

Last week I felt like the dinosaur that should've been extinct a long time ago already, like the way I like to play the game just doesn't match with how game design works any longer.

But then I finished the shieldwall reputation, and realized. Blizzard really did fuck it up with the reps and dailies at first. I loved shieldwall, I loved how the storyline drew me in, how it kept me going, and how I wanted to get to the next part. Even if it meant having to do some dailies for it.
I think this is how my druid must be feeling, sad, alone, and abandoned. 

So while the rep situation will really just fix itself by the next patch, I do think Blizzard has learned.

However, that does not mean that they are now saved. No, all my alts still have the mount everest of dailies and reps to go before they can even start thinking about their professions.

I don't want to do that again on an alt. I don't care if I have increased rep gain. I just don't want to do it at all. And the worst is that you cannot get to one rep before you have finished the other. (Golden Lotus > Shado Pan & August Celestials).

Fix this Blizzard, please? Fix it so I can feel happy about playing my alts again, instead of feeling like I just finished all the chores on my main and if I ever want to play my alts somewhat properly I have more hoops to jump through, instead of just have fun with an alt.

Please fix it, so that I do not have to dread playing my alts, level them to just before 90 because I know that the horror starts at that level.

Please fix it, so that I can have fun with my professions again. So that I do not have to spend hours and hours and hours before I can do anything with my alts professions.

Please fix it? I miss my alts...

Friday, January 4, 2013

Pandaria Mounts Guide (MoP mounts)

I did a guide on the mounts in Cataclysm way back when, and this guide is still searched for and visited a lot. Over time more and more tools have come up to figure out which mounts you can get and where, and pretty lists are available through tools like wowhead. But an overview of what each mount looks like, and where/how to get it I have been unable to find.

A good guide can be found on wowhead here btw, but it still requires you to go to each link separately to figure out what to do and what they look like.

This will be a long list, since 73 mounts have been added in MoP so far. Luckily they can somewhat be divided into families.


Available in Game:
Golden Riding Crane
Azure Riding Crane
Golden Riding Crane
Regal Riding Crane

Not Available in Game:
Albino Riding Crane
Crimson Riding Crane
Jungle Riding Crane

Cranes are ground mounts only, they do not fly.

Three Riding cranes are available at exalted with Golden Lotus; Azure Riding Crane, Golden Riding Crane, and Regal Riding Crane. They cost 500G, 2500G, and 1500G respectively.

The Albino Riding Crane, Crimson Riding Crane, and Jungle Riding Cranes are in the game files, but cannot be bought it seems at this time. The Albino Crane can be seen in game at Dawn's Blossom next to stable master Hong the Kindly (46,43).


This being the eastern / asia feeling expansion the serpents had to be there of course, and there are quite a few of them.

Serpents are flying mounts, and I personally find them quite wobbly to ride, but they are gorgeous to see.

Available in Game:
Astral Cloud Serpent
Astral Cloud Serpent
Azure Cloud Serpent
Crimson Cloud Serpent
Golden Cloud Serpent
Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent
Jade Cloud Serpent
Onyx Cloud Serpent
Thundering August Cloud Serpent
Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent
Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent

Not Available in Game:
Heavenly Azure Cloud Serpent
Heavenly Crimson Cloud Serpent
Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent
Heavenly Jade Cloud Serpent

The Astral Cloud Serpent drops from Elegon as a very rare drop.

The Azure, Jade, and Golden Cloud Serpents can be obtained by reaching exalted status with the Order of the Cloud Serpent. The comments on wowhead give a good explanation of what to do to get these.

The Crimson Cloud Serpent is a reward from completing Glory of the Pandaria Hero achievement.

The Heavenly Crimson Cloud Serpent is a reward for completing the achievement Glory of the Pandaria Raider. 

Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent
The Onyx Cloud Serpent is a reward from the quest Surprise Attack!. This quest becomes available on becoming Exalted with Shado-Pan.

The Thundering August Cloud Serpent, and the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent are rewards from reaching exalted with The August Celestials. These cost 10.000 gold each.

The Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent can be bought for 3,000 gold from guild vendors once your guild has completed Guild Glory of the Pandaria Raider.

The Heavenly Azure Cloud Serpent, The Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent, The Heavenly Jade Cloud Serpent, and The Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent have been datamined but are not available in the game.

Water Striders

Azure Water Strider
Available in Game:
Azure Water Strider

Not Available in Game:
Golden Water Strider
Jade Water Strider
Orange Water Strider
Crimson Water Strider

Only the  Reins of the Azure Water Strider are available in-game, through Exalted reputation with The Anglers in Krasarang Wilds.

The other four colors of this mount, though available from the same vendor during beta, are currently unavailable.

This mount walks on water, but cannot fly.

Dragon Turtles

Available at Level 20:
Great Blue Dragon Turtle
Black Dragon Turtle
Blue Dragon Turtle
Brown Dragon Turtle
Green Dragon Turtle
Purple Dragon Turtle
Red Dragon Turtle

Available at Level 40:
Great Black Dragon Turtle
Great Blue Dragon Turtle
Great Brown Dragon Turtle
Great Green Dragon Turtle
Great Purple Dragon Turtle
Great Red Dragon Turtle

Dragon Turtles are the pandaren racial mounts. So all you have to do is reach exalted with the pandaren...or be a pandaren of course, or even have been a pandaren, because after a race change you keep the mounts you bought already.

Dragon turtles are ground mounts only.


Available in Game:
Grand Expedition Yak
Blonde Riding Yak
Grey Riding Yak
Grand Expedition Yak

Not Available in Game:
Black Riding Yak
Brown Riding Yak
White Riding Yak

The Blonde Riding Yak, Grey Riding Yak, and Grand Expedition Yak can all be bought from Uncle Bigpocket in Kun Lai Summit. The Blonde and Grey one cost 3000 gold each and the Grand Expedition Yak costs 120.000 gold. But this one does come with 2 vendors, just like the traveller's mammoth, and it is a rather impressive mount.

Yaks are ground mounts only.


Ashen Pandaren Phoenix
Ashen Pandaren Phoenix
Crimson Pandaren Phoenix
Emerald Pandaren Phoenix
Violet Pandaren Phoenix

Obtained via trading in an Ancestral Phoenix Egg (which is obtained via challenge mode dungeon achievement: Challenge Conqueror: Silver).

At the moment it looks like it's possible to pick one color only, so choose wisely!


Black Riding Goat
Brown Riding Goat
White Riding Goat

These mounts can be bought once you reach exalted with the Tillers. Gina Mudclaw sells them. The Brown one goes for 125 gold, Black for 375 gold, and the White one for 812,50 gold.

These are ground mounts only.


Blue Shado-Pan Riding Tiger
Green Shado-Pan Riding Tiger
Red Shado-Pan Riding Tiger

These mounts can be bought from the Shado-Pan once you reach exalted with them. The blue version costs 125 gold, green 375 gold, and red costs 625 gold.

These are ground mounts only.


Jade Pandaren Kite
Pandaren Kite (alliance)
Pandaren Kite (horde)
Jade Pandaren Kite

The Pandaren Kites can be gotten through completing the achievement to reach exalted with all orginal Pandaria Factions, Pandaren Ambassador.

The Jade Pandaren Kite is granted upon collecting 150 mounts, and getting the achievement We're Going to Need More Saddles.

These are flying mounts.

Depleted-Kyparium Rocket

Engineering Rockets

Depleted-Kyparium Rocket
Geosynchronous World Spinner

Geosynchronous World Spinner
Both of these mounts can be created by engineers. One by a gnomisch engineer, the other by a goblin engineer. Each costs 3 Orbs of Mystery which go for 20.000 gold per from the vendor (or 18.000 gold with guild perk), and other materials.

These are both flying mounts.

Jewelcrafting Panthers

Jeweled Onyx Panther
Jade Panther
Ruby Panther
Sapphire Panther
Sunstone Panther
Jeweled Onyx Panther

Jewelcrafters can get the patterns for these mounts at honored and revered Order of the Cloud Serpent. Each of the mounts costs quite a bit in materials and an Orb of Mystery.

At Exalted the jewelcrafter can make the Jeweled Onyx Panther. This mount requires the jewelcrafter to have all of the other 4 in his bags (unlearned!) and he can then combine them.

Gryphons and Wyverns

Grand Wyvern
Grand Armored Gryphon
Grand Armored Gryphon
Grand Armored Wyvern
Grand Gryphon
Grand Wyvern

These mounts are alliance and horde specific. They can be bought once you reach exalted with Operation Shieldwall. The armored version costs 2000 gold and without armor you have to pay 34 gold and 20 silvers.

These are flying mounts.


Amber Scorpion
Amber Scorpion can be bought for 10.000 gold from the Klaxxi once you reach exalted, this is a ground mount only.

Cataclysmic Gladiator's Twilight Drake is the arena mount for season 11.

Cataclysmic Gladiator's Twilight Drake
Imperial Quilen is the collector's edition and digital deluxe edition mount. This mount is a ground and flying mount, and can be used in all zones.
Imperial Quillen

Red Flying Cloud
Red Flying Cloud this mount can be gotten by reaching exalted with the Lorewalkers. This mount is a ground and flying mount and can be used in all zones. Check here for a guide on how to get this mount.

Son of Galleon
Swift Windsteed
Son of Galleon drops from killing Galleon. You can win the mount on a coin roll, but this does require you to actually be in the group that kills Galleon. I have personally never seen this mount. This is a ground mount only.

Swift Windsteed will be available through the Blizzard store for 25$ or 20€. It is expected to be availble from patch 5.2 onwards.

This completes this mount guide for the moment, I am sure that at a later time more mounts will be added in patches, but currently this is the known information.

Let me know if you find errors or incorrect information.