Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thank you, Oestrus!

I wanted to say thanks to Oestrus. He has checked my priest spec, glyphs, logs, etc. And while I haven't followed all of the pointers, his advice did make me take a long hard look at my spec and glyphs and take a second look at choices that I had made at some points.

Our raid finally got the Nef kill, after 130 or so wipes and it took a lot of adjusting and a lot of fiddling with things. I'm still hoping for upgrades, but hey...soon.

Anyways, thanks again Oestrus :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Priest Frustration

So I just stepped out of my own raid purely out of frustration with my class. We had someone sitting and that person needed stuff from the next boss anyways so it wasn't the worst move, but when I feel like screaming at the fact that my class is so frustrating...

We were working on heroic Halfus and worked with 3 tanks, 3 healers. Now you need to know that we normally 2 heal just about everything, but for heroic Halfus that wasn't an option of course. So our druid moonkin/heals switched into her resto offspec....and outhealed me. And why? Because I am out of mana.

So I check my overhealing, I had the least overhealing of all 3 healers. I'm pretty damn sure I press the right buttons, I'm geared out for regen already because I generally have mana issues, but this...I just felt so powerless.

When I check logs I have less active time, less healing, and all because I cannot spare the mana to keep healing like other classes can seem to. I've gone over my spec, gone over my glyphs, my spell usage...and now I am lost on what to do better. On what to improve.

I am at a loss on where to squeeze my character for more mana, and while I could slide my stats somewhat towards throughput it won't help my healing much.

To be frank, it's not the first time that my priest frustrates me this badly. I've actually been at the point where I had announced that I would quit healing completely. Good thing I didn't cause then we would've had only one main spec healer in the raid...but blergh.

We've been at Nef for weeks now, and when I get into a mood like this it completely feels as if I'm the one holding back the raid from progressing. My raid is good about not taking damage when they can avoid it, and while I know I'm good, I'm lacking somewhere. I just wish I could put my finger it.

I must have missed something, somewhere, but I don't know where to look anymore.

Any and all help welcome btw...