Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Trading Card Mounts no longer Bind on Pickup in 3.2?

MMO-Champion reported that trading card mounts seemed to be no longer BoP on the PTR.

It would be so cool to actually be able to get that Spectral Tiger for in game gold. Though I don't even want to think about the amounts that people will be asking for them. >_<

[2 trade] "WTS Swift Spectral Tiger"80K, pst"

I'm currently at 91/100 mounts, and working on getting money together for the 92nd (Hodir fast mount). I even have a list worked out on how I will go about getting the last couple of mounts, but this would definitely open other options again.

What can I say, I like pretty mounts ^_^

A longer post coming up tonight, keep an eye out for it.


  1. I have been the luckiest person evah..first time ever doing the Anzu kill back in BC, and the reigns dropped, and I rolled a 98.

    He's still my favourite ground mount ^_^

    I am however grinding kills for ZG, Attumen, Baron's mount, the polar bear, and I always keep an eye out for the time lost proto drake when I fly around in that area. Still have my green proto drake to get as well, keep getting aged yolk >_<

  2. Oh yes.. I HATE the tickbird.

  3. I want Anzu!! /sniff