Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What makes a good raider, good?

A High Latency Life posted about the traits that made a raider good. He goes on to say that skill is not really what makes a good raider, and has posted a list of traits that makes a good MMO player.

I read through that list and I have to say that I'm not fitting the list too much =/

1. Patience - This is like my worst trait ever. I am very goal driven, and I often don't care how I get somewhere, but preferably fast. I also have massive difficulty to wait for someone to finish, and if I ever have to teach others I'm hopping from feet to feet, eager to take over, and show them how it's done...the fast way.

2. Tenacity - I just get sick of repeating stuff at a certain point. And at that point I give up. No I do not wipe 50 times on the same boss, mainly because I also know that I'm not the only one not getting more motivated by it, I think half of humanity wouldn't be motivated by it.

My theory: if you keep banging your head against the wall all you end up having is a very bloody forehead. Basically, step back and think at a certain point, instead of just keeping at it. Maybe you're just not ready.

3. A sense of humor - I hope sarcasm counts, because otherwise I'm failing heavily on this point.

4. A keen sense to follow direction - Erm...does a keen sense to give directions count? Cause I love telling people what to do.

5. Ability to take ownership - Ooooh, one that I can score on. Yes, I do make sure that my character is as ready as possibly can be...or do I? I have to admit that I still haven't spent the 6K gold it would take to get my boots or belt created...

6. Look to those who came before you - I guess so...then again, I started by looking a lot at Matt Low when I changed to disc. I was hoping every day that information was coming about disc priests on worldofmatticus...and it just didn't come. Not until we were several months into the expansion did he discover disc. From then on there was nothing to find about holy anymore btw, funny how that works.

Otherwise, been looking for a good disc priest to look at, but they are hard to find. Then again, maybe I'm just too stubborn and often don't agree with a lot of the theory crafting I see.

7. Never be afraid to step out of the box - Well...in my last answer you could already see that I am definitely not affraid to step out of the box. In fact, I'm firmly against boxes. Don't stick people in those confined spaces, at least not until you have a box for each of them.

8. Adaptability - Hmm..sometimes. I do change according to what I experience.

9. Know your role - Oh my, I love healing, and on my priest I definitely stick to healing. But on my druid..I swear that wasn't the boomkin casting those hots >_<

10. You must like Pie- Can it be cake? Like chocolate cake?

With a bit more seriousness, I have to say that I agree to most points that he brings up. And these are certainly things that I would look for in a good raider. To add two of my own.

11. Initiative - You have to be able to show initiative. Don't wait for others to show you where to go, figure it out yourself and go there. Don't always wait for others to form a group, just shout out in guild and form your own group.

12. Team Play - Above everything you need to not be a solo player. You have to work well together with the group, and understand and accept that you cannot and will not be the only one in a raid.

How about you, do you possess these traits?


  1. Patience - I was gonna be a doctor but I didn't have the patients... A pun? At least that means I have a sense of humor for #3 right? But in all seriousness....

    Patience - notta.
    Tenacity - only in wintergrasp.
    Sense of Humor - I think this one is obvious... but actually, I only like to make fun of people, but at least its humorous to me?
    Keen Sense of Following Directions - Nah, everything is easy, tank it, dps it, and heal it, boss goes down you win, no directions needed.
    Ownership - If I have to, its in the combat log anyway...
    Out of the box - pve gear doesnt belong in pvp, that's outta the box right?
    Adaptability - Move out of the fire no matter what color it is, check.
    Know your role - I'm an elemental shaman and I chain heal, but according to blizz, I think that's also my role while I dps.
    Pie - I'd rather have a delicious cake
    Initiative - I think 'Invite me when the group gets started' says it all.
    Team Play - I'm pretty sure I can solo Ulduar, but I'm ok with bringing a few friends along to watch.

    Guess I shoulda just made a post of my own on these...

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  2. Yes Initiative is very important especially in slower summer months. Team play is another good one.

    Actually to be honest I never said I had any of these traits. LOL!

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  3. Being a solo player does not exclude being a team player. Being a solo player means that I prefer to spend my time alone, that is all. When I join a raid, I know my job and perform it and I know how to support my teammates.

    Being a soloer does not equal being an self centered, egotistical, arrogant asshole. Those come in all shapes and sizes.

  4. Yup, I respect solo players, but in my opinion all raiding goes a lot better if you have a team you can work well together, and there is no I in team ;)

    Don't forget, this is my experience. If your experience is that you can just move into a group do your own thing, and make it work, all the better ^_^

  5. Hi Shy !

    I was going to comment this post the other day but it was going to be a huge comment and I ended up writing my own post on my blog...


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  6. Haha, there you go, Rivs from a High Latency Life inspired us. ^_^

  7. I inspired you...May God have mercy on your soul :P

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