Tuesday, July 21, 2009

When real life hits

I had a long post all planned out. I had it half written already in my head even. And then real life came around the corner, so fast it left skid marks on the way...

My dad wanted a new video card so I figured we (Thror and myself) would go there for diner after work, quickly exchange old video card with new video card, and then we'd still be home fairly on time.

It went a little differently.

My parents had their entire office hauled empty, and the computers were all unplugged. So cables everywhere, and Thror figured he could help...so yeah, in the end they now have two working computers again. All cables plugged into the right sockets, but it did get rather later than I expected.

So instead of posting my super duper subject (it's pretty darn good, I promise) today, I will save it for tomorrow and go unwind from work a little by smashing some NPCs in a dungeon or so for the bit of the evening I have left.

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