Monday, August 3, 2009

Back from Away

I'm back! I've had a great weekend, we've even been fairly lucky with the weather.

If you want to see pictures, have a look here and here. Not my pictures, but they do give a good impression of what the festival is like. And yes, I too was 'in costume', like most other visitors. I have to admit that wearing a hoop skirt and a corset does somehow feel very feminine.

I was nowhere near as pretty as the girl in the picture though, and I don't even think she was an entertainer, I think she really was just a visitor who worked her ass off on her costomer (though I did see her score several cards from photographers that day).

The wicker man (beast) was set on fire on Saturday evening, and the atmosphere was amazing once again. So yeah, next year I'll be back there once more.

I heard Xphile pulled it off to get a group together, and they even managed to kill Auriaya. Well done! They had a rough start on Saturday, but Sunday they pulled through and managed to get a few one shots!

I have to say that I'm still proud that a randomly grabbed together group can do so well. And almost everybody in the raid handles the loot pretty well as well. And almost all of the people in pugtastic understand that loot isn't a goal, loot is a means to an end.

Loot is only there in the game to help you get to the next level. To progress and beat the next encounter. It will be obsolete in the next two months again anyway.

Thanks Xphile for taking over in my absence, and doing such a good job. Raidleading isn't easy, and though we both know that as a leader you always try to do your best; there are always some who feel they know better. I'll be back this coming weekend to relieve you from the stressy job of herding cats ;)

Patch 3.2.
I have a little addon in iGoogle that shows me the server status of both my EU and US server. And this little addon has been going berserk all day already. Would this be a sign of patch tomorrow?

I'll have a closer look at some of the highlights of this patch later on today when I get home from work. So see you alls later!


  1. Welcome back! posting from me this wekend, told you my computer dicided to blow himself up.

    about this patch 3.2 thing:
    been reading through some posts today, season 7 release and ptrs...the fact that the ptrs are still available makes (at least me) think that there will be no patch this week, cause normally they are shut down.

    season7: in the past they announced the new season 2 weeks in advance, nothing there yet about a date of season 7...

    so patch this week.

    although i might be completely wrong with that

  2. Glad you guys had a good time :)

    This weekend's raiding went very well, Xphile did a great job of leading the raid and we all had lots of fun.

    I'm not sure about the patch coming through to live this week, they just did another update to the test servers a couple days ago. And like Nim said above, they haven't mentioned a start date for Season 7. I would think it'll come through together. As far as your google app acting up, there has been some problems with the AH and mail system this week (mostly related to response time)... it could be related to that.

  3. Wow that castlefest looks awesome. End of this month I'm hitting the Renassiance Faire. Thinking of dressing up, but I don't know I'm really Shy about that stuff. LOL!

    Yea I don't think we'll see the patch until after Blizzcon, just my humble opinion.

  4. Honestly Rivs, I was too. The first time I went I arrived in jeans and all. But when I saw how easy going these sort of people were it became so much easier. Just take a chance on it, I'm sure you'll love it!