Tuesday, July 14, 2009

9 Questions to ask yourself before Specing

Veneretio from TankingTips.com blogged about specs as a warrior. He mentioned a couple of questions to ask yourself when speccing for a raid. He did this from the view of a tank mostly, and a warrior tank even.

This is completely logical of course since this is what his blog is about (I can advice any healer to read tanking blogs btw, since it really helps to know how your tanks think), but I felt that the topic could use a wider approach.

So later on today I will be asking the same questions, but will go deeper into their answers, and approach them from the various class roles, but also raid roles.

Until then I have some mindwandering to do, and think about how to best approach the answers to the questions he asked in his post. Go read it btw, great blog :)

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  1. Glad you enjoy the site :) I agree that the topic definitely could be expanded far, far beyond the narrow approach that I took to it. (which at the point I'm commenting you have done just that)

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