Thursday, July 16, 2009

When was the last time you hugged a tree?

The big news today was that Blizzard released an official WoW Armory client for the iPhone and iPod Touch. With this application users can go see some stuff that they would normally only be able to see in-game or through the use of the official armory site.

I imagine all the iPhone and iPod addicts are going yay, but I have to say that I'm not the least excited by it, perhaps even the contrary.


Here in the Netherlands when we do our online banking you get a code on your phone that you have to fill in before your payment goes through. I just made one of those payments, and went to get my phone and charger out of my bag. It turned out that the charger still had the USA wall plug extension thingie on it from the last time that I charged it.

This was about 2 weeks ago.

Save to say that my phone was out of battery, and had probably been so for a while already. So yes, I'm one of those people who never picks up her phone when you try to reach her.

I have to say that this isn't even unintentionally. I just don't like mobile phones. In fact I blame them for a large part of the fact that people seem to get worse and worse in keeping appointments, or planning ahead on things.

When I was younger (I'm not even old, but still), and I would go out to meet someone somewhere we would plan a meeting spot. Not just 'I'll see you at the train station' nono, it would be more of the type 'I'll see you at the trainstation, under the big clock at three'. Nowadays people just go under the assumption that you can call when you can't find each other.

I'm also very old-fashioned in keeping appointments. Simply because I wasn't brought up with the sillyness of calling 10 minutes ahead of time that you cannot make it. That to me accounts of not only bad planning, but also inconsideration. Because the person calling off the meeting or appointment has not given you any time to arrange your time differently.

Nuhuh, not me. For me an appointment is an appointment. And sure you can cancel it. Three days ahead, or when you ended up in hospital. If I'm not sure I can make it to an appointment, I just don't agree to one.


The other thing that I have against phones is that I find them very anti-social. The only reason you need a phone is to speak to someone who is not in the immediate viccinity, right?


Then why do I so often see people playing with their phones in company of others?

I've once read that Japanese always have cameras in front of their face because they feel protected since the lense makes the world smaller to them (never been there, but I've been told that Japanese don't always have the most amount of space). But instead of with cameras we do it with phones. We use them as shields to protect us from being too social?

My not WoW time

Phones like iPhone are not only a phone. It's a mobile computer. A tiny computer, camera, radio, and phone in one go. Oh..and on top of that it functions as a flashlight as well I believe (heyas Cele ;p).

I work in IT, and once I add together the time spent behind the PC at work, then in WoW, I really don't want to be behind another (worse version) type of computer. Ihaveaverygoodoneathomethankyouverymuch.

Instead, when I finally do manage to pull myself away from the game, I actually try to stay away from computers. I often go do something in or around the house, or I go outside. I'm lucky enough to live in an area with quite a few trees, and a forest at walking distance. So I go enjoy nature.

I just stroll along and sniff the green scents. Often you come across other people doing the same, sometimes with dogs (I love puppies), or sometimes other people who are simply enjoying the fresh air and quiet of the forest.

No, I really don't need more computers to keep my attention at the game. I read about it, blog about it, and play it. I don't have to iPhone it as well on those rare moments that I don't do any of the above.

I mean seriously, when was the last time you went out into nature, without any piece of technology on you, and hugged a tree?

And if you're not a nature person, just go for a stroll around the city and sniff the...well exhaustion fumes I guess. Just go out and do something every now and then, I swear it won't disappoint.


  1. Me and my Buddy Jim Beam enjoy outings all the time. Jim Beam being whiskey. ;)

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  2. Does carrying boards around while framing an attic count as hugging a tree?

  3. It's one of those reasons why gameboys never appealed to me very much. While I did try out a nintendo DS, it seems to just sit and gather dust.

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  4. Sometimes "hugging-trees" is the best thing you can do to get your mind clear. If you live, work and socialize in bigger cities it's just too much sometimes...a walk back in the forest ist the best thing to get rested...well...besides sleeping*grin*

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  5. I'm like you. Don't try to call me on my cellphone, its batterie is always empty... I hate to use phones. It's to the point it's a handicap. At work I'd prefer walk the entire building instead of using the phone and will dread every call I receive (and usually, the ringing makes me start...).

    And working the whole day in front of a computer, sometimes at night, when I know I have a raid scheduled, I sometimes wish "no more computer !" and then I launch TS and I'm on for the night. At first, I was really not at ease on TS, the very first times I used it or when new to the guild, but I get used to it. It's a great way to get to know people and I love to just listen to people talking there.

    And about hugging trees, I just can't wait to be on holidays... Mountains, no computer, camping for a few days, cigales, sun, family... I don't live in a big town and the building where I work is a castle in the middle of an arboretum so I can see trees pretty often, but I need some change more...

  6. Well ... I don't think I'd hug a tree. Maybe I'd shake its a branch though. But I agree with you completely on the subject of mobiles phones. Now I'm a terrible luddite, and possibly a misanthropist as well, but I hate the idea that you should be available to everyone at all times, and connected to some vast web of networking and technology. Sometimes, as you say, it's important to be alone and silent and disconnected ... and shaking the branches of trees.

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  7. Rivs: Hehe, have you ever told Jim to hug a tree?

    Klep: lol, getting there! But I can imagine they wouldn't want you to use boards with leaves and branches attached still.

    Ruby: I go to the stores and drool over the display, and then decide that I would never use them anyway. But hey, they do look pretty ;)

    Nim: Sleeping, right, but not like my newest post >_<

    Nef: Yah, I think I'll be coming to your country this fall to hug me some trees.

    Tam: Maybe you can start with a small tree? ;)

  8. I couldn't imagine not having my phone. Now I don't have an iphone or feel that i need one (if i need to look something up on the internet I'll do it from my computer). But my phone is always with me, even if it's just so the kids or wife can get a hold of me. (and I'll also admit I hate talking on the phone so i screen my calls, and if I think you're call isn't going to be important, I typically won't answer it unless im bored! LOL)