Friday, October 28, 2011

Kick more noob!

Frustration on.

I just came out of a dungeon that I stepped into on my own as a tank, so I would not have to wait for a queue and hey they bag would be nice too.

But this group suuuuuucked. First healer DCed, second left in the middle of the fight, and the third healer left when we finally reached the last boss.

Granted, the dps was shite, and on top of that they blamed the healer for getting killed by the spirits, but I wanted my bag. But for one small moment I didn't think and figured that I would invite a guildie to help this group finish the instance.

Monday, October 10, 2011

All the Ninja Raiders

Kay, so first watch this:
Well, listen is more like it...the video is not much special. I love this one, very catchy song...QQ QQ QQ QQ...

Now watch the one below the cut, and imagine the dude in hunter gear...

Warning, this image will burn itself into your retina and every time you hear the song you will see....oh well...on your own risk!