Monday, June 10, 2013

Last Post

All things come to an end. And so has my blog on world of warcraft come to an end. 
A few weeks ago already I have stopped raiding, maybe for now, maybe for ever. But I will definitely stop blogging. 


Combination of things.

The game just doesn't do it for me anymore. During Cataclysm the annoyances came and those annoyances kept coming until eventually they just outweighed the good. 

I now haven't raided for a few weeks, and while I miss my friends, I love the freedom that I have during my weekends now. I love being able to sleep in as well. I hadn't done that in ...oh...about 5 years. 

In fact, I woke up yesterday morning at 9:10 am in the morning! It has been a looong time since that happened. 

I might continue blogging if I find subjects that I am passionate about, but I will not do that here anymore. Shy at World of more World of Warcraft.... maybe it'll be Shy in her new world, we'll see. 

If I do continue I'll post the address here (for those few that would want to follow me anyways), but other than that no more posts will be posted here. 

Thank you all for reading and commenting and I wish you all the best.