Monday, July 20, 2009

Nim says: Learn to WoW!

Hello again, little guy.

The servers are up again, your bank is full of green stuff. We wanted to get rid of this making a bit of money, but Snowy thought the servers had to be down once again.

So, we have to check things before we go there.
The question is: Need or no need?

So look at you, you are...a pretty blue robe, staff on your back, wand in hand. You have a manabar. Hmm, you are a mage...ah...oh...sorry, sorry...could you take that imp away from me? It's okay, you are an evil warlock.

*sigh* You're going to pay the bill for this burning hole in my pants!

Okay, before you decide what to put in the auction house, you have to look what you are able to wear and which weapons you can use.

As you see, you carry a wand and a staff. And you wear cloth.

So first step, we go to the weapon masters. You will find them asking a guard.
I will just sit here and enjoy my Dwarfern Brew for a while.

*hours later*

There you are*hic*


So, did the weapon master tell you what you will be able to use as weapons?

You will be able to carry staffs, wands, swords and daggers.
Your only armor will be cloth.

I know, this polearm looks nice, but it's not useful at all and way to heavy for someone like you. Oaoaoaoah, TAKE THAT IMP AWAY!

As you can see on every piece in your bank is a description when you go over it with your mouse - yes, it's the finger in your world.

It gives you informations like what kind of weapon it is, what damage it does what, other stats there are on it, and which level it is.

The "polearm" is red, meaning you are not able to carry this weapon ever in your warlock's life.
The staff there, look. "Staff" is green, you can carry it, BUT it says "Level 24" in red.
You will be able to use this staff once you reached level 24.

*hopes it will take a while*

Now take all the things which you will never carry in your life and let's sell them.

This building is the auction house. You can sell and buy nearly everything in here - If you have the money.

Talk first to the auction master, now there is a window with three tabs. This one is for searching, the second one is to deposit an auction and the last one is the one where you see the auctions you bid for.

As this is your beginning in a trader's world we keep it clear.

Step one:
Search the items you want to sell. In the first tab you can type the name (or part of it) and then search for it. The easier way is to shift + left-click on the item and it posts the name in the search line.

Step two:
Check the prices!
If there is any of the things you want to sell, make sure that you sell it at a rather similar price, maybe undercut (sell for lower) a bit to make sure people buy your things first.

If there aren't any of the kind of you things you want to sell, fine, you make the price. Useless to say that the price shouldn't be too high, because like that you won't sell anything.

A good idea is to find similar items and check what the prices for these are. If you're still not sure you can use a site like where they give some advice on auction hall prices.

Step three:
Move on into the tab "Auctions" and drag your item here. You see two line there, one "Bid" and one "Buyout". You can either choose to put an auction only on bid or on both bases in here.We will sell this Polearm on both.

So type your "Bid" in the first line. Three gold? Okay, if you say so.
Then move to "Buyout". This one has to be higher than the "Bid", three gold and fifty silver is okay.

Step four:
Selling things in the auction house gives you more money than giving things to the vendor, but it takes a while. So sit down, get a drink, go somewhere to do some quests, get more green stuff to sell.

But remember: not all things will always be sold, not all things CAN be sold in the auction house.

No, don't look at me like that...I see a million questions in your eyes.

Let me just sit here for a while and later on I will tell you about why your hunter-friend is able to carry the polearm and why you are not able to put the quest rewards in auction house.

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