Thursday, July 2, 2009

Blacklist that Ninja!

So back from Las Vegas, and as you might have read, people just try and scam you into all sorts of deals. It doesn't matter to them how they do it, fair or unfair, polite or impolite, they just want you to spend your money with them.

At a certain point I got very annoyed with it, and was cussing, thinking that they should just blacklist these people and throw them all out. Well maybe society has already, after all, they do make their living in Sin City.

It did get me thinking about how it's arranged in World of Warcraft though. I mean, scammers not only exist in the real world, they have even evaded our escapes from the real world. Our very own fantasy home.
Unfortunately not even Blizzard can manage to keep the real scammers away, but maybe...just maybe if we would all work together we might be able to make our online home a bit of a better place?

So this thought kept me busy for a while, and I was wondering how to do it. Until this morning (I still got up at 6 am, silly jetlag x_X) I was speaking to a guildie. He was speaking about a site called WoW Heroes. This site ranks players based on their item level, this way you can find out how well geared you are in comparison to other players, but you can also check how people you wanted to invite for a group or raid are doing.

Now, there are of course a lot of other sites out there who do provide this type of service, like PUG checker. Which is sort of like a shortened armory, which finds information fast, and gives you in one quick view what content a character has done.

WoW Villains
But what if...what if there was a site called WoW Villains. It could be a place where people can report Ninjas bad player behaviour...

You would have to make sure that you have some counter against abuse of course, because otherwise it would get out of hand pretty quickly, and people would simply start listing people because they don't like eachother.

Maybe some sort of blacklisting that you will only get listed on if at least a certain number of different IP addresses has reported you. Or maybe you could even have a counter balance system. 2 good votes outweigh a bad vote or something.

It would definitely be nice to be able to have some sort of prevention against the assholes in game who need items and then hearth out. It would be nice to feel somewhat protected from the scum in the game.

Unfortunately I don't have the technical expertise to set anything like this up, but who knows maybe one day we will see a site like this. I know I would definitely be using it. In general I have good experiences with players, but I too have had my share of people who make you feel almost dirty just by their behaviour. Players who befouled my fantasy world.

More realistic
Oh well....for the moment I would already be very happy if Blizzard would make the ignore list a bit larger, and allow us to stick notes up on why to not invite the people on the list.

I now have M&S on my friends list because I can't stick a note up on the ignore list, and that really is a bit silly...


  1. Why on earth is this not more known?! Whaa...I've asked on Twitter, been searching addons (I know there is some sort of addon to do this) well hey....gonne poke it! thanks :)