Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I wanna be there too!

So while the patch is out, and everybody is working on different new things, I'm stuck at work. And due to maintenance taking so long yesterday we couldn't play in our evening anymore either.

Well, we did play on our EU characters a little (close to 77 now yay!), but it's not the same.

This morning I went to grab my raptor pet, picked up an orphan and flew around like mad to try and get that done before I had to leave for chance.

The saddest part is that I can't even take time off since my schedule at work today is just too busy and I unfortunately have too much sense of responsibility.

Darn, I want to play so badly and go into that new dungeon, darn, darn!

PS: Don't expect a post tonight, I'll be playing!


  1. I feel you...I work the overnight shift so between sleep, work, and lag...I got like 10 minutes of playing time :'(

    Cool blog btw...I like

  2. We have 2 hours to wait before the patch hits here. It's really a perfect time to catch on blogging. And do the hooovering. And wash some dishes.


  3. Arrrrrrghhh! and then one of the appointments that I had today at work calls that he cannot come...sick...

    Yahyah, I bet you're also playing WoW!

  4. From what I hear, you aren't missing much, although I didn't get a chance to step into anything myself. It seems that unless I put a group together to do the daily heroic, things are pretty much done in my guild, its a sad day.

    Other than that, the instances were crazy lag last night, so much so that we couldn't even zone into a 25-man. You should be thankful that you don't have to sit around wishing it would work, lol.

    On a side note, the orphan quests are really quite short, and then there is always the fun little pet you get. It only took maybe 30min, but that's because I was doing my fishing and cooking dailies, too.

  5. I have a druid alt though..and I swear I could prolly just sit in the barber chair for like 30 minutes or so trying to decide which fur color I want for my cat...

  6. Oh thats true, they do happen to look a lot better now, it was well deserved.

  7. The gear is sick, and I literally ruined a pair of underwear it is the greatest thing since sliced bread....purely orgasmic.

    Oh I'm sorry you didn't get to play...muhahahahaa.

  8. I got a healer trinket! I got a healer trinket!

  9. Cele got a healer trinket!! He's a big healer now! haha