Friday, November 30, 2012

Dissecting Da Boss

Yesterday in the car home I was discussing boss abilities with Thror and how most can be brought back to standard abilities. In fact, once you understand the basic abilities, raiding almost becomes like dancing. You dance left and right, and make sure to press the buttons at the same time. Make sure you stay in the right rythm ;)

After that we had some fun coming up with new boss abilities. I figured that it would be a lot of fun to write about this and got all excited about that!

At first I figured one post would be enough and started writing....turned out I had quite a bit more to write about than one post. So I'll turn it into a series of posts and come back to it when I feel like it.

Today I'll go with the first 3 abilities that came to mind, and 1 idea for a new boss ability.

This player has no idea....
'The Bomb'

One person gets chosen to be the bomb this person has to stand away from everybody else because everybody close will be blown up. Remarkably, the person itself is often not all that harmed.

Boss examples: 
Feng the Accursed - Arcane Resonance - Mogu'shan Vaults

Baron Geddon - Living Bomb - Molten Core
High Astromancer Solarian - Wrath of the Astromancer - Tempest Keep

'The Puddle or Cloud'

Defile would quickly take over the entire platform. 
Somewhere in the room, quite often under someone, a puddle or cloud of bad will form and everybody has to get out.  These puddles may or may not have extra bad, for example expanding when you stand in it.

Sometimes they stick around for the fight and you have to put them tightly together to prevent the whole room from flooding, and sometimes it requires you to stand apart so that as few people as possible get hit by it when it forms.

Boss examples:
The Lich King - Defile - Icecrown Citadel

Conclave of Winds (Anshal) - Soothing BreezeThrone of the Four Winds (reversal, circle heals enemy and pacifies you, not directly damaging.)
Northrend Beasts (Acidmaw) - Slime Pool - Trial of the Crusader (worms drop acid clouds that need to be gotten out of)
Mimiron - Ulduar - Firefighter. So. Much. Fire

One of our raid members still has nightmares about this phrase I think...
'Hide or Die'

The last one for today is the mechanic where something, most often the boss itself, explodes and the only way to survive is to hide behind something. When a boss has this ability it is often combined with players who become blocks of stone or ice so you can hide behind the player.

Sometimes however you have to hide behind the environment, or even behind the boss.

Boss examples:
Sindragosa - Ice Tomb - Icecrown Citadel
Sapphiron - IceboltNaxxramas
Shade of Aran -Arcane ExplosionKarazhan (get out of the Arcane Explosion or die)

The Ability I would love to See

'Don't Touch Me'

Of course fights should be about doing something, not about doing nothing. Yet, I would love to see a boss where every hit to the boss will drain life from the hitter and give it to the boss. Some of the Sha should probably work like this. In fact, I was well surprised that we can even beat a 'Sha of Anger' when you have to beat him with more anger and fighting...I had figured this would only feed him.

How to kill the boss then? Simple, by killing his cohorts. Kill the adds, kill the boss. Of course the adds have to be tanked closed to the boss, otherwise the boss goes pissy. There has to be a reasonable risk that if you do it wrong you hit the boss anyways, right?

It would be a nice change to have to carefully pick and chose your abilities. Carefully tank the boss without doing too much damage.

Not being able to do your full rotation because it includes cleaves would naturally piss some dps off, but then, which fight doesn't?

PS: Thanks to Thror for thinking along with the boss examples

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The great danger!

Patch 5.1 has now been live a couple of days and it seems to show a bit more what Blizzard has meant all that time when they said that this expansion would be more Alliance vs Horde.

The new dailies are very much pvp flavoured, even if you don't have to flag, or even join in any pvp style play, you do still feel very much that you're fighting horde.

The areas are as gorgeously made as the rest of Pandaria, and the boats are quite real. The daily zone that I went through really did give me the idea as if a battle was fought.

So if the dailies are ok, and there is no pvp, and the art is gorgeous once again, what then is this post about?

Well....I miss the hero aspect.

I wrote a post on wanting to be the hero as a healer and now I don't even feel like a hero with the dailies anymore. In fact this entire expansion doesn't feel as if the players get to be the hero. It feels as if we're all soldiers, playing our little parts, but nobody stands out.

Then again, on the other side nobody stands out either. The other side also has soldiers to beat, but no grand evil. And I think that this is where the problem is for me. There is no big baddie so far.

No common enemy to hate, no the enemy is splintered. Of course there is still Garrosh, who can die in a fire for all I care. And Varian...who can...well not much better (I know they're trying to make him more likeable, he's still an arrogant prick).

But there is no common purpose in the world at the moment. The world is divided, everybody fights their own little battle and that's that.

Now I'm no big lore monkey or anything, but even I felt the threat of Illidan during Burning Crusade. And when we finally beat him...god that felt good. In fact, I am currently doing quests with my monk and it still feels good.

You are not prepared!

And then in wrath there was Arthas. The Lich King was everywhere and Blizzard had made damn sure that everybody would be pestered by him at some point. Quests, dungeons, various raids...we all knew what we were fighting for.

Muradin's dwarves? Doesn't anyone stay dead anymore?
Once we had finally beaten the Lich King into submission (after he had beaten us into submission with his defile quite a few times) the world got turned upside down. Deathwing came flapping by and set the world on fire...quite literally in a lot of places.


When Deathwing was defeated there were...pandas?

Huh...yeah, ok, I love the pandas. In fact, I levelled the monk as a panda, shortly went human, but missed the panda so much that she's back to being cuddle and gorgeous. But we cannot really go fight the pandas much.

Well, we can, if they join the other faction we can, but that's not a big baddie. Who then?

The Sha?

Sha of Happiness
I can't help it. The Sha is just not as impressive as our previous big baddies.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see, and hope that this all turns into something badass still.

And otherwise I will just keep on hoping that both Garrosh and Varian tragically find their end or something.

{◕ ◡ ◕}

Monday, November 26, 2012

25 vs 10man

We love 25 player raiding. We also love 10 player raiding. We have people on the team that do both, depending on who they are. We aren't really satisfied with the state of 25 player raiding right now. Our goal when we made the raid changes at the start of Cataclysm that unified the 10 and 25 player lockouts was to let players choose the raid size that they preferred and make it a fair choice. 
At the time, we were responding to feedback from many players who preferred 10 player raiding and felt pressured to do 25s because they offered such better loot. The reality, something we failed to properly account for, is the logistical burdens of maintaining a 25 player roster. Those burdens are borne almost exclusively by the officers, raid leaders, and guild leaders of those groups. Those pressures are such that it tends to cause those groups to splinter into 10s. Before there was the carrot of 25s give you the best loot in the game, which was enough to get guilds to push through those stresses by recruiting more or making it work. 
Now it is easy to say, well, we only have 21 people on at raid time, let's just do 10 mans instead of cancelling the raid. Then you go down the road to transitioning to a 10 player guild. It isn't a reflection of what our players want, but what is simplest for the guild leadership. We are looking at trying to better incentivize 25s, recognizing that for it to be a fair choice, there needs to be something to compensate for that additional logistical burden.
A blue poster posted this a couple of days ago. I picked it up from MMO-Champion from this post, and I immediately saved it as a draft. Knowing that it was something I wanted to speak my mind about when I would have the time.

Overall this statement tells me that there will be a higher loot level again at some point for 25s. Especially with tests going on already with 10s and 25s being separate lockouts again.

If the burden is completely on the raidleader/officers/guildleaders, and those people are done with the catherding, what is the problem of them turning to do 10s instead of 25s?

If the general raider is not willing to step up to do the extra work, why should they be the ones rewarded? Attendance bonus?

"There needs to be something to compensate for logistical burden."
I disagree. Obviously people would prefer not to do this. 

Obviously people prefer to do 10s. Because there is currently nothing holding them from 25s. 

Yet, they don't.

Why do they need to be pushed into doing the 25s anyways? Why is it so important that the 25s are more popular than they are now? It feels like these people need to be bribed into doing something they would prefer not to do.

If I would not get paid for my job, I would not work either. So does this mean that I prefer working over doing something else? No. If given a choice and having everything even I would much prefer to do only the things I want to do, and not go to work. And I like my job, but there are still quite a few things I would like doing better.

So are the 25s supposed to be like work? Are players supposed to be pushed into 25s? But if they are obviously not fun enough without the extra incentive of 'salary' why would Blizzard want to push people in that direction?

To me it seems that currently people can decide to do 25s if they prefer that size. It seems to me that the fact that so many 25s have fallen apart is proof that the leadership prefers 10s over 25s. And to be honest, it's also proof that the players prefer 10s. Because if they would be so hung up on doing 25s, why do they not put in the extra time and energy to get that done?

Frankly, if you're a player who wants this or that, but is not willing to put the energy in to get that going or at the very least help the leadership to get that going. Then you have not much to want. You have to be happy with what the people who are willing to step up get done, and be happy that you can tag along.

If anything at all does happen, the leadership should be appreciated, not the whole raid. If you want the leaders in World of Warcraft to step up and do more, reward them. Not the whole 25 man, just because it is a 25man.

How about just giving the raid 1 item per boss kill? 10s and 25s. An item that the raid can reward to the players they feel have deserved it most. That the raid can give back to their leadership or whomever stepped up.

An item that does not effect the effectiveness of raiding mind you. Or maybe only after a long time of saving up. So having to save up say 20 of this or that item will get you the extra special reward.

Or maybe Blizz should introduce 20mans? 2 times 10 after all. If guilds have to transfer back from 10 to 25 that means 3 groups of 10, with 5 people left by the wayside.

In the end I don't know how Blizzard will get what they want, I know even less why on earth they want it. I do know that in the end the players won't be happy with it anyways.

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

The current state of healing

I spoke about off-spec healing, and while writing I found that I was meandering into a post about,  what I believe, are currently some of the major issues with healing.

So I finished that post, and today I'll continue with where I left off.

What is the current state of healing?

To be honest I am not entirely sure. What I can personally see is that LFRs seem to always be waiting for healers to fill up the group. What I can also see is that I would get the incentive baggy about 50% of the time if I would join solo as a healer. I see this as often, if not more often than the tank baggy.

If I look at my feelings about healing, and explore them on a deeper level I think that there are a couple of reasons for this.

A healer is no longer the hero. This is partly due to off-spec healers, but I think the biggest reason for this is the way Blizzard has currently designed healers.

I am often told that numbers do not matter. I can do a boatload of healing, but if I heal the wrong people...But, if my success is not measured in healing numbers, than how do I know if I am succesful?

If my success is measured in keeping the raid alive, but I have no influence over who lives and dies, other than doing my normal rotation as good as I can and shouting at people to not stand in the bad, than how do I measure my success?

If keeping your feet out of the fire is an individual success, than I'm back to how do you measure the healer's success?

Let me list some things that I believe could help the healer position in the game.

Dps heals should be just that, dps heals. 

Limit the healing dps can do to self-heal only. And then only so much what they need in emergencies, so they can live a few seconds longer until the healer comes by and does the actual healer job. Dps should not be the ones responsible for healing, they should keep themselves out of trouble as much as possible, and be able to survive a moment while the healer is busy elsewhere, that's their job.

Find a way to bring the saviour aspect back to the healer role. 

We need more woah! moments in the healer specs, instead of rotation. It will give the healers their sense of importancy back, and it might even make more people chose for the healer role. I haven't had a woah! healer moment since Icecrown btw. Lifegrip was fun in Cata, but I don't need to be a healer for that.

And even my biggest woah! heal as a monk, Revival, is used only in specific moments of the fight since the fights are built around having spells like that. As long as that is true, it is not a save people's asses move, it is a rotational move.

People should die, guaranteed, if they try certain things without a healer. 

This comes with the whole, healers should be important thing. If you do not have the amount of healing only a healer can put out, the damage should be too big to live through. After all, nobody would think of going into a raid without a tank, right? Right. Healers should be necesary.

Don't get me wrong, I'm really glad that we can 2-heal the whole of Mogu'Shan Vaults, but it's pretty bad for the healer population if Blizzard starts building their encounters around having only 2 healers instead of 3 because there are not enough healers. I would rather have them spend that design time and thinking in how to make it such that enough people will want to be a healer.

Solve the cause, instead of the symptom.

Kill Mana Management. 

I mentioned it earlier, but mana management is NOT fun. And only since mana management was back with a vengeance in Cata, there's a shortage of healers everywhere.

Healing, in my opinion, should be about saving people. About finding the right tool for the right situation. And if you screw up in finding the correct tool, or using it correctly, on the person who needs it, people die. Simple as that.

Healing should not be about carefully pre-planning the entire fight in your head. Holding back at times because you know if you don't it will be a wipe at a later moment anyways due to mana shortage.

I let one of the tanks die this weekend on Will of the Emperor because if I had saved him, he would've fallen over 20 seconds later anyway due to me being oom. I made the conscious choice of using mana efficient spells because otherwise I would not be able to keep up enough healing for the fight so I hoped he would pull through with the smaller heals. Not fun.

Should it go back to whack-a-mole? Maybe sometimes, yes. Should it go back to one-button healing only? No, but that's easily preventable. If one heal is dependent on the other heal to work properly (combos) healers cannot possibly be a one-button healer.

Should there be no watching your mana bar at all? Nah, if you go overboard you should run out of mana still. However, if the heals are tuned differently you should just be able to react to what the fight calls for, without worrying about your mana bar.

What I miss most?

I wish I was able to heal when needed. I wish I was able to react to the fight, without having to sit back and just let the damage happen because I will be out of mana if I don't sit back.

I am capable of more, but my character is not, and I find that endlessly frustrating.

I wish I wish...but oh well.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Off-Spec Healing, good or bad?

On MMO-Champion I was reading some blue responses about off-spec healing. Curious to the rest of the conversation I went to the forums, and read the rest as well.

Since I need an authenticator to log in to the forums, and am at work now without one, I figured I would share my opinions here.

Off-spec healing will be nerfed.

I personally quite like the fact that my dps can also be held responsible for their own health. I also like that they can throw an emergency heal every now and then.

I also believe that these emergency heals need to be big enough to make a difference.

I do not believe that they should be able to replace the healers.

What is wrong with the current model then?

I think what is wrong is not so much the off-heals being too strong. I think comparably the healers are just not strong enough. 

As a healer I want to be the saviour. When I specced healer I chose to be the saviour. I gave up being able to do damage to be the saviour. I am not the hero at the front, I am sitting quietly in the back running my rotation until it is time to shine and save someone from something incoming.

But Blizzard has completely taken out that second part 'save someone from something incoming'.

Healers are rotational now, not saviours. They do not get to shine anymore by making spectacular saves.

In fact, Blizz gave the save the raid's ass part to the dps. 

How the ratio heals/off-spec heals should be. 
I believe that this is the biggest problem for healers nowadays. Not that off-spec healers are taking their place, no, they simply have no glory moments of their own. In their aim to make the healing less of a whack-a-mole game Blizzard has also taken the glorious saves from the healer out.

Sure, you can throw in a guardian angel, a revival, or a pallie bubble at the right time. However, fights are build such that the right time for these abilities is pre-programmed nowadays.

Yaknow, that big ability that the boss does and everybody needs to press their cooldown button at that specific moment? Yes, that, not a 'nice save', pre-programmed.

Lets face it, healing is hard, healing is thankless, and healing takes a specific type of person. There is always a shortage of healers nowadays.

I sacrificed things to be the saviour, and Blizzard gives it away for free to the dps. 

What should they do to fix this then? Well, I do have some ideas, but this would be another monster post if I put them in here, so those will be for tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dailies, dailies, and LFR loot system

I've been following the blue posts a little and the hottest 2 items currently being discussed are the dailies, and the loot in LFR. Let me start by weighing in on the whole daily discussion.


Complainer's POV:
Everything is locked behind dailies. 
If we want to progress in the game we are forced to do dailies. 
Dailies ruined my game, I quit. 

Blizz's POV:
But you don't have to do dailies, go do dungeons and scenarios
You do not need your dailies or your reps to progress in the game. 
Go enjoy other content. 

I have not maxed out my valor again this week. The reset is today and I have managed a wooping 720 valor or so. I play a lot, but I absolutely hate the daily system. They feel like chores to me, and so my whole head rebels and most of the time I really just don't want to do them.

I forced myself (no Blizz did not force me) to revered with the Klaxxi because I had nowhere!!! to spend my valor points. I hated every quest I did.

Now I am at the point where I don't feel like getting a lot more valor is currently worth much to me since I would have to force myself to do another rep to revered, and then another to get to something that I can use for my character. This means that I do not feel a drive to get valor points, and I feel even less drive to get the reps, since one is locked behind another rep.

So in all sense I do not feel a drive to do a massive part of the game. I do a dungeon to make sure I have maxed out my valor by the time the upgrade item system comes in, but that's about it.

What do I do in the game?

Well, last weekend I spent 3 hours with some guildies to get the dungeon achievements. A nice challenge and a lot of fun. Also got the guild some money.

I've also made a list of what I need to level all the cooking ways. There is a quest you get once you max it out and I'm curious for that. Plus I can skin with my hunter so I've been shooting crocs for their raw crocolisk belly.

I raid with my raid group and we're enjoying ourselves with that.

And I try to do LFR, but only on reset day since it sucks to try and get a proper group on other days. (unless my guild goes with a group).

Is this as rewarding as what I would prefer to do in the game? No. This is not the game I would prefere to play. I would prefer to actually run dungeons, because I like them, but I don't feel like that's very useful, plus since nobody has a drive to run them, it's not a lot of fun to actually do them at the moment.

I would prefer to work on my character's progression during the week and feel like I'm getting better for my raid. But since the only way I can do that in the game is in a way I really dislike, I just don't do it. I dislike that I am less good than I could be if only I could like the dailies. But I just don't like that part of the game, and it is the ONLY part of progression.

And here we come to the heart of the problem. The only SOLO path of progression is doing dailies. You can run dungeons till you drop, but it doesn't matter. Without doing the dailies you have nowhere to spend your valor.

You can level all your professions, do scenarios, do PVP, LFR, whatever you want to do. But the only way to progress your character and spend those valor points is through daily chores.

On top of that the daily chores reward you with valor better than all the other stuff does. So clearly the best way to progress solo through the game is to do chores. Which is very very discouraging to people.

And this is not going to improve much with the 5.1 patch either, since it's not worth upgrading your gear much if you didn't manage to get it in the first place.

Now, I'm lucky to have some raid gear, but people who do not raid...well, again, what do you upgrade? Your dungeon gear? Make me laugh, yeah?

And I agree with the poster from this post:
If blizzard is not going to fix this fast, they will lose a lot more people all over. Not because it is to hard this time around, no this time they will lose the casuals. Because those casuals feel like they cannot get anywhere with their game without spending some hardcore amount of time in the stupid dailies.

To sum up:

  • There should be some other way to spend those valor points (and justice points)
  • There should be a way to have people who cannot log in every day feel equally rewarded for their play time as the people who do log in every day
  • My time in game without doing dailies should feel as appreciated by Blizzard as someone else's time in game who does do dailies
  • If I love scenarios I should not feel discouraged to do them because the reward is useless without doing something else in the game that I do not love so much
  • If I need something from such and such faction number 2, I should not have to go through faction number 1 as well to get to number 2.
  • We need more not wiggly snakes in the game (oh wait, that is a personal peeve that almost every mount you can get in the game is a silly wiggling snake mount now)

LFR Loot System

This is apparently also Loot
Now this is a different discussion all together. It weighs in on the valor and daily points since it is one of the few ways that you could progress solo...if not for the ways the new loot system has decreased your chances of getting loot.

But statistically your chance is much higher to get loot! Blizzard says....

Ok, lets compare.

2 cloth healer, 2 leather healers, 1 mail healer, 1 plate healer

1 plate tank, 1 leather tank

5 cloth dps - 2 mages, 2 warlock, 1 priest
6 leather dps - 1 boomkin, 1 monk, 2 druids, 2 rogues
3 mail dps - 1 hunter, 1 enhance shammie, 1 ele shammie
3 plate dps - 2 DKs, 1 pallies

Old System:

Boss dies. The system pops up with 3 items from a random loot table.
Mail Int Chest Piece
Plate Str Boots (no tank stats)
Spirit 1handed mace

Mail Int Chest Piece - 2 people who would want it the ele and the resto shammie. Chance you get it? 50%

Plate Str Boots - 3 people who would want it, and possibly an asshole tank who needs on it. Chance you get it? 25%

Spirit 1H Mace - 7 people who would want it (shadowpriest). Chance you get it? 14.3%

ew System: (as explained by Blizzard)

Boss dies.

- Each player has a chance to win loot, independent of the other players.
- For each player who wins loot, the game randomly assigns them a spec-appropriate item from that boss's loot table. This subset contains only items that the game (meaning the designers in this case) thinks are appropriate for your class and current spec.
- Notice that you aren't rolling Need or Greed. You don't have an option to Pass. The game just says "Take this."
- You can't trade this item, or that would defeat the purpose of removing the social pressure on groups of strangers. If you don't want the item, you are free to vendor, delete, or disenchant it.

In a blue post:

First, other players will not affect your loot in any way. Another player winning will not cause you to lose. Another player winning a mace will not mean that she took your mace. If there are many rogues in the raid, your chance of winning a rogue item is not diminished. We may decide that each player has an X% chance to get loot, or we may decide that X number of players get loot, and then randomly determine who those lucky players are.

Second, the item you win will be "useful" in the sense that it's potentially usable by your current spec. This does not mean that warriors will get leather because warriors can equip leather (at a huge stat loss). It also does not mean that the game will always give you an item you want or an upgrade for the items you have. It just looks and says "You are a Holy priest, so here is a random item chosen from the Holy priest-appropriate items that this boss can drop."

What in the end is my chance to get loot? I have not been able to find out what my chances are, but it certainly feels lower than the 14% I had before.

Problem 1.

I think the first big problem here is that other players will not affect your loot in any ways.

Lets say in the old situation my guild group did what we did last weekend. We jumped in with  a couple of  people who are outgearing most of the LFR gear already.

We had 2 leather healers, 2 plate tanks, 1 mage, 1 shadowpriest.

For the loot situation I described above this means that for example the mace could have 3 less rollers on it. Lets say that from the people who were not in our group there is another healer that already has a weapon. All of a sudden your chance is not 14% for the mace, but your chance has just gone up to 33%.

And your chances will get higher as more people are getting geared.

With the new system your chance is static and will not change, because it is unaffected by other players.

Problem 2.

The loot system decides what I need. I personally have won 5 items in LFR/Sha so far. Woohoo!

1 pair of pvp gloves (which I am using since it's better than I had, and hey the bonus on the roll is nice)
1 neck (I had better, so it got sold)
1 cloaks (I had betetr so it was sold)
1 offhand (which I would've gotten apparently if I had not done that boss already)
1 chest piece (which I am using, since it was an upgrade).

It really, really feels as if those items that I didn't need went wasted, and it would've been so nice if they could have gone to someone who did need them.

Also, I cannot see how many items are handed out, and how many loot bags. There should be some sort of window that shows me who won items.

I am not getting any offspec gear this way. I would love to actually get some gear for my windwalker, but instead Blizzard assigns int cloaks without spirit to me. (I refuse items without spirit as a healer, but that is a different discussion). The mage in the group could've used that item sooo much better.

When you get useless gear like that it feels like a carrot is being dangled in front of you. Frustrating.

Problem 3. 

Elder Charms. I worked my butt off to get these elder charms. I did your stupid dailies, I went through the motions of doing what I should be doing. And what do I get? Another bag of gold.

It really feels as if the work I did for the charms should be rewarded. Maybe not directly with loot, but then at least with a bigger bag of gold.

Hey, you know Blizz, maybe that gold you get when you change the small charms to the big charms could be handed out to make the gold bags from elder charms extra big!

I want something to show for my effort.

Problem 4.

I think this is already on the fix list (or at least I would hope so).

If you do LFR again, to help out guildies with a faster queue time for example. Or to see that specific effect from such and such boss again. You get taunted with the loot you would've gotten if only you hadn't been so dumb to already be locked.

This is just plain cruel and is really demotivating to do LFR more than once.

To sum up:

  • It feels like loot is wasted
  • The precious few times you do win, you often get something you do not want because the choice is taken out of your hands. 
  • Your chances do not increase as people gear up
  • The effort that was put in acquiring Elder charms should feel more appreciated and rewarded higher. 
  • Show people what loot did drop from a boss. Seeing that loot has dropped (even if not for them) might make the feeling of accomplishment higher
  • Do not show what you would've gotten if you had not been locked

PS: You get some really odd pictures if you google for loot o_O

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

This Blizz poster needs a slap in the face.

Daily Quests and the Grind
Is the only way to get the Elder Charm Coins is by doing dailys by getting 90 of the good coins and turning them into 3 elder...? that sort of forces u into dailys if so.. because u know people want that extra chance in Raid to get the gear so your know there going do dailys to get a silly coin that doesnt even help one bit gg..

"Gear drops in raids like it always has."
"I like gear like I always have."
"But I want bonus chances at that gear."
"I have to do something to earn bonus chances at that gear?!"
"I don't want to do something to earn bonus chances at that gear!"
"That thing I don't want to do that would earn me bonus chances at that gear, doesn't earn me bonus chances at that gear!"

Let me know if that's an accurate summary, as well as what you're talking about. o.O

No, this blue poster is completely and utterly wrong. The problem here is not that you have to do 'something' for the charms. The problem here is that you cannot do a variety of things.

If you do not like dailies, you have 2 choices; 1) Be annoyed with the game each time you do them anyways because it is too good to pass them up. 2) Accept that you're not getting this extra chance at loot.

People who are somewhat serious with their raiding will pick number 1.

What Blizzard needs to realize is that this sort of stuff burns people out. They come to dislike the game a little bit more every time they 'have to' do their dailies.

But what I understand least is why Blizzard is not offering options to get these charms. Why not offer them up for Justice Points for example? Not like we can do anything else with those points at the moment anyways.

Why not allow people to gain lesser charms by pvping? Or get a lesser charm through Scenarios? I love those scenarios, but the rewards are somewhat meager at the moment. And since I only have limited time to spend in the game I don't get to do scenarios nearly as much as I would prefer. Instead I spend time doing stuff I don't enjoy much. (as little time as possible mind you)

Why not allow people the way they prefer most to prepare for the game, and have the most fun while getting ready for raid?

Yes, doing something for your reward is good. Having to do some specific thing you don't particularly enjoy, but there is no other way, is bad.

Holy Mistweaver Monk Nerfs Batman!

Monk Mistweaver

  • All healing spells which cost mana have had their mana cost increased by 10%.
  • The healing provided by the Healing Sphere base spell has been increased by 20%.
  • The chance to generate 1 Chi while channeling Soothing Mist and Crackling Jade Lightning has increased to 35%, up from 25%.
  • The Power Strikes talent now grants the Power Strikes effect every 22 20 seconds, which causes the Monk's next attack to generate 1 additional Chi.
  • Enveloping Mist is now available at level 16, down from level 34.
  • The healing provided by Chi Burst, Chi Wave, and Zen Sphere has been reduced by 25%.
  • You now have a chance equal to your crit chance to generate double the amount of Mana Tea Charge.
  • Renewing Mist now travels to 2 additional targets (was 3 targets).
  • The mana cost of Soothing Mist has been reduced by 33%.
  • Haste for Mistweavers is now 50% more effective through Stance of the Wise Serpent.
Mana costs increase, healing effectiveness reduced, useless stat buffed, and please go back to your usual boring base spell. Did I miss anything?

Oh yah, the healing talents BAM nerf. And wait, to pretend that we compensate for all this we'll buff mana tea. Lets just forget that fights do not offer constant opportunity to use this, shall we?

Yes, I might agree that monks need fine tuning because they are powerful at the moment. Do I believe that it needs this much? nope. Blizzard is doing what they're usually doing and swinging the pendulum way far to the other side. 

I hope Blizzard reconsiders and doesn't nerf the mistweaver from every single side possible. Because the next patch is a while again after this one, and I would hate to have to park the mistweaver until then. 

Just to be sure I guess I'll start working on the priest, since Blizzard has been swinging the pendulum their way, they might just be the next best thing for heals. 

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Legendary Gems

I was reading MMO-Champion today and noticed that I had missed a post about legendary gems that they had datamined.

Refined Crystallized Dread
Refined Crystallized Terror
Refined Crystallized Horror

And I find myself hoping that this is not Blizz's idea of making an item 'legendary' for everybody. As a healer stats are gorgeous, but as a constantly mana-starved healer I'm not gemming for intellect, so it would have to be a spirit gem at the least.

Also, stats are nummy, but if you want to make a legendary healing weapon a proc will have to be added, something like what Val'anir does. Raw stats I personally find rather meh.

I guess we'll wait and see, maybe the gems are just an intermediate step, and maybe Blizzard has something really wowzers up their sleeve.

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