Saturday, July 11, 2009

10 ways to piss someone off

Spinksville posted about griefing people for science and in this post she refers to a research where someone intentionally went into CoH to piss people off. This was even called scientific research because he wrote a paper on it.

But I think if we're all honest with ourselves, we have all had our moments where we intentionally wanted to piss somebody off in game. And you can hardly pretend that it had a lot to do with science in these cases. I've done it myself, and I know you out there have done it too. Not too often, but there are those moments.

This professor type chose to go against generally accepted behaviour by PVPing in a zone that was considered a non PVP zone by the players, and it worked apparently. From what I understood it only took a very short time for people to be very, very pissed off at him.

Soooo...just for our own scientific research I'm going to give you 10 ways to tick people off, but of course I would like to hear your choice of method after ;)
  1. Random interval threat
    There are many classes that can taunt nowadays, and even if you don't have a taunt button you can of course use this tactic. For those with taunt use it at moments that the tank can least use it, and as dps all you have to do is always attack the target that is not tanked, and go full out on it.

    Bonuspoints if you make sure that you can wipe off thread on that innocent healer neatly standing out of the way trying to save all your sorry asses.

  2. AFKing yourself into loot
    Join a group, go afk after the first pull, and show up magically juuust before the loot is rolled for. Of course this doesn't work if you do this once, I can guarantee you that if you do this for the entire instance, however, you have 4 very ticked off people in your group.

    Bonuspoints if you just ninja the last pieces of loot and bubble hearth out. (wait did I say bubble? I meant hearth, hearth, dangit).

  3. One at a time
    Take 500 infinite dust (anything other than dust works as well, but dust is a good example) and put them up in AH 1 by 1. Do this every day for a year, and the whole server knows your name. Just not in a good way. It's unfortunate to say, but we actually have one of these on our server, and just about everybody knows the name, and hates the person.

    Bonuspoints if you've done this in previous games, and people still remember you from doing so in that game.

  4. Friend!
    Find someone of the other faction and follow. Whenever this person tries to kill something, tag it first. When this person has a gathering skill, it makes it even easier. Just take whatever it is first. When they turn around just smile at them and wave or something.

    Bonuspoints if you pick someone who doesn't have a bird while you do.

  5. Rock it DJ!
    While raiding and in vent, turn up the music a little during the raidleader's explanation, and open up your vent button. Everybody has to hear that great song!

    Bonuspoints if you manage to plan it every time just as the raidleader opens his or her mouth.

  6. A little self-promotion
    Tell everybody how great you are. Spread the word in vent, raid, trade, say, general, who cares the whole world has to know that you're boss!

    Bonuspoints if you publically compare yourself with others present.

  7. Link that chart!
    After every pull link the dps chart. Boss? Link it! Trash pull? Link it! Hell, in the middle of the fight is really one of the most suitable moments because everybody is than at least paying attention to raid chat, right? Link it!

    Bonuspoints if you're at the bottom of those charts.

  8. I can do it, really!
    Accept an invite to a raid who specifically asked for people with knowledge of the fights, and then ask before the first pull for an explanation.

    Bonuspoints if you're in greens and have never even raided.

  9. Tradeskills
    Ask in trade for someone to link their trade skill. Then continue in whisper asking them to link several items. After about 10 minutes you tell them thanks and say that you might not need blacksmithing anyways on your priest.

    Bonuspoints if you actually ask the crafter to meet you somewhere out of the way (Darnassus, shudder), and then not show up yourself. When they ask just reply that you found someone in Dalaran already.

  10. Mageportal Roulette
    This is for mages only, but I do qualify it as highly annoying.

    Open up portals to different cities all over the world, on top of each other. This works best if done at the end of a raid night when everybody is really tired and just wants to get to bed.

    Bonuspoints if you don't even stick in the right portal.


  1. Using Tricks or Misdirect to kill that person not paying attention!

  2. I've done the roulette portal several times, but I'm too nice to do it in PuG's. Since there's always another mage in my guild runs, I always defer dala ports to him, while daring people to go into my roulette port.

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