Wednesday, February 27, 2013

DPSing fistweavers holy batman!

Assuming you’re talking about fistweaving, that’s always been the intention (and always been the case). Fistweaving is an alternative that provides less HPS in exchange for very significant DPS.

Think about it like this:

Holy priest / Mistweaving monk: 100% healing
Combat rogue / Windwalker monk: 100% DPS
Atonement priest / Fistweaving monk: 50% DPS AND 50% healing at the same time

This is from the patch notes.

So if I translate this:

Holy Priest / Mistweaving monk: 60.000 hps
Combat rogue / Windwalker monk: 70.000 dps
Atonement priest / fistweaveing monk: 30.000 hps + 35.000 dps

I like the theory, but have never been able to do what Blizz is saying here. What I have seen is that I'm not capable of doing half the dps a normal dps is doing, mostly due to mana issues, because in short fights I do see the numbers sometimes. But I have also never seen myself do half the hps I can do without the fistweaving.

Wondering if what they say here will happen in patch 5.2.