Friday, July 17, 2009

Don't let the bedbugs bite

Warning: This post contains content that is not suitable for all ages.
Continue reading on your own responsibility.

Not WoW - related.

Edit: The story at the end seems to upset people a bit, this was never my intention, so a small swap around within the post. Apologies to those I scared, wasn't my intention.

I woke up with the taste of vomit in my mouth, and tears in my eyes. This dream was the realest dream I've had in a long time. And of course it couldn't be a nice dream...nooo, it had to be a full blown nightmare.

I lay still for a bit after waking up, and realized that this sort of stuff is luckily only night mare for me, but some people have lived through this. Such horrible, uncalled for, pointless violence happens every day around the world.

I think I'll be really nice today to everybody around me....

Here in the Netherlands the ladybug represents being against this sort of nonsense.

After that dream it feels right to make this statement.

I am against pointless violence.

Slowly I drove the car into the mutual parking area. Slowly, because I didn't want my kids to be fully awake. Rats. Only a tiny spot left in the corner next to the pool. I maneuvered my car into the tight spot and, for what must be at least the hundredth time, I was happy to only have a small car.

I nudged my older one awake a little bit, "Sophie, we're home," I whispered.

With an adorable little sigh she crawled out of the car, her eyes still closed and full of sleep. The youngest one I picked up in my arms. She was so tired that she just kept sleeping. I nudged the doors closed, and with Sophie's hand in my one hand, and me carrying Lizzie in the other arm, we walked back to our apartment.

"Do you want a drink still?" I asked quietly as we opened the door. We snuck into the house , tiptoeing to not wake up my youngest daughter. Sophie only mumbled a little, and shook her head lightly while crawling up the stairs. With her four years she thought she was mature, but even mature four-year-olds get overwhelmed by sleep.

I followed, and put Lizzie down in her bed. She had half-woken up, but willingly let herself get undressed and tucked under the covers. Sophie had already taken her own clothes off, and had slipped into her care bear PJ's. She was growing so fast. I kissed her forehead and put the blanket close around her. "Mommy luvs ya," I nuzzled. She nuzzled back, and I turned my attention back to Elizabeth.

She too was close to being asleep, and I kissed my littlest one on the cheek. Her stubby little arms hugged me tight, "Nini mommy," she mumbled sleepily, magicking a gentle smile to my mouth. I checked on my right, and saw that the older one was fast asleep already.

I wandered back to my own bedroom, and sat down in front of the dressing mirror. Tonight was the first time in forever that I was going out, and I was looking forward to it. My girlfriends, from times when I was still saying that I never wanted kids, would all come over. As one big group we would then go into the city center, and dance the night away.

The babysitter would be here soon, and I was looking forward to my evening out. Pulling out the hairbrush I looked for my car keys, and I realized that I had been so busy with the girls that I had left the keys in my car, and my car unlocked.

I sighed, darn. I got up again, and checked the girls' bedroom. Fast asleep. I would only be 5 minutes to the parking area and back, they would be fine. I checked if I had my house keys, and shut the door firmly behind me.

Walking back to the parking area I heard voices and laughter. Bah, those youngsters must be out again. They had been warned several times by the police already, but they didn't seem too impressed by it. I hesitated, but then told myself that all I had to do was walk in, get my keys, lock the car, and walk out again.

I rounded the corner and saw them. Three blokes, and two gals. I guessed they were about 16 or 17. I quickly looked the other way again, and walked to where I had parked my car.

I stopped dead in my tracks. My car had been pushed on top of a smaller car, and quick assesment told me that I would never be able to get it off myself. Anger filled me, and with that surge of rage I turned around. I walked to the three young men standing, laughing. They were watching me, and the grin on their faces grew even bigger.

I stopped right in front of one of them.

"Can one of you please give me a hand to get my car off again?"

I had asked it with the firmest voice I could master.

He smirked, "Don't you like our parking, lady?"

I was fuming, "You get my car off there now."

His face hardened, "Or else?"

I took my phone from my pocket and started dialing the number of the police right in front of him. From the corner of my eyes I saw another three boys joining. This was enough to make my finger hesitate above the dial button.

Then I was grabbed from behind. And punched in the stomach. The air disappeared from my lungs, and I doubled up.

"You're not so smart, are ya?" scuffed the guy I had spoken to.

I tried getting away, but was held tightly. Another punch followed the first one, and I tasted bile vomit in my mouth. I was shoved away from the guy holding me, into the direction of the 3 who had joined. I landed unsoftly on the floor, and looked up, begging them with my eyes to do something.

The tallest one kicked me in the face, and I heard my nose crack. I tried to roll up like a ball to protect myself. Another kick, in my back this time. Oh god no, my children, they were alone!

I wrestled myself up, and tried to get to the exit, but was grabbed back. From a far distance I heard the shrill laugh of one of the girls.

"My babies!" I cried out as loud as I could, but my voice wasn't more than a croaked whisper. Blood was streaming out my nose, and I couldn't focus my vision anymore. I was pulled back, and shoved back and forth between the men, being punched with every shove. I couldn't open my eyes anymore now from all the beating my face had taken. All I could do was let it happen.

The taste of vomit on my lips was mixed with blood, and I threw up again. Only acid came. The pain already seemed to get less, and then the shoving ended.

I landed on the floor, and just lay there. Thinking about my little girls. They would be ok, the babysitter would be there soon, they would be ok.

I repeated that mantra as I was picked up. The arms were almost gentle, and I felt myself being carried off to somewhere. My girls would be ok, they would be ok. Then the arms left me, and for a moment I was just floating midair.

Then I hit the water. I wanted to swim, I thought about my girls and I wanted to swim. I know I moved my arms, I had to get out.

The world went black.


  1. Isn't violence allways pointless?
    Isn't the only Non-pointless violence the one resolving from self-defense?

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  2. I think so. And there are only few situations where I can imagine someone acting violently for the good of the masses. But not like this sort of stuff.

  3. woah....reading it again doesn't change the feeling...


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  4. You need to make a more liberal use of SW:D in these situations, or at least drop a fear bomb! Also, you had me going/worried and I didn't like it one bit...

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  5. Maybe I should switch the last bit to the top?

  6. I thought this happend to you before reading the last past... OMG you frightened me !

    /hug Shy
    /go look for a hug from my beloved one after getting such a fright...

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  7. I'm thinkin' that helped, a lot.

    Recent blog post: TGIF - Warning, It Gets Rando...

  8. I'm glad you switched up the post. I thought it was all real. To say it simply, I was too upset to even reply. I'm glad you are alright. I hope you and your family never have to go through such an event. Wish you and yours all the best.