Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nim says: Learn to WoW!

Always reading only from one writer can get boring at a certain point. Not to mention that writing a blog post every day is hard! (big respect for BRK and Resto4Life, and all those who blogged for years on end!)

And then I got talking with Nimayne about things on Twitter. I guess it sort of clicked, and we started talking tentatively about her writing something on SaW, and one thing led to another.

I told her about my dad and the beginner problems he had, and how he couldn't find the answers to his questions anywhere. And it does seem that most blogs are created and written by people who have more experience in the game. Even the Blizzard pages just don't tell you everything.

Nim figured that it would be a cool idea to help these newbie players with a good sense of humour, and in such a playful way that even the more seasoned players might enjoy the writing. (Though I would hope that what she writes about you sort of know by the time you're raiding Ulduar).

I just got her first post today, and it was witty, and written from a pretty cool perspective. I am really happy that I met Nim online...but hey, I won't keep her writing from you any longer. Let us know what you think. ;)

So, you are new here, I guess. A little character, I guess you are about level 6 to 10. This *points at the building in front of you* is one of the major cities. It might be Stormwind, Ironforge, Darnassus or the Exodar if you decided to play on the Alliance side. If not you stand right in front of Undercity, Orgrimmar, Thunderbluff or Silvermoon.

Your bags are full of stuff, they're packed with everything you've ever found on your way up here. Many things you will never need any more. Those things are grey. So we;re going to bring some order in your bags. Go to the next vendor, that's a person where you can sell all the pretty dusty grey stuff. Normally you'll find them in every building around you.

Have you done that? Fine, now you've got more space.

Next step, the white things in your bags, sometimes useful, sometimes not.
Look at this [Stoppable Force]. It's white, but that doesn't have to bother you. Give it to the vendor, he will give you a few silver for it.

Ah wait, this [Murloc's head] is not for sale. Remember that thief there 2 miles down the road? he wanted you to bring them this head. The vendor doesn't want it anyway. Not because it looks disgusting (well, in fact it does) but things you carry for the quests you've already done are unsellable. Keep those things in your bag.

Ah...there is something shiny green.

Now it's getting interesting. You have more than one possibility: you can give this to the vendor, too. You can also keep it if you need it in your bank. Yes, banks already exist! Or you bring them to the auction house, but more about that later.

There are two ways to find a bank, so we start with this. Over this bridge is a bunch of people, normally there somewhere is a bank.

Oh, you're are afraid of crowds? *sigh* Okay, then we take the other way. Every city has its guards, standing on nearly every corner. Ask them, they know everything about their city.

So you know where the bank is. Let's have a look.

There is the big space above.....woah, don't throw everything in there!

Put the armor and the weapons in there, only the green ones. The leather, the cloth, and the ore you found too. (something about how these are items that are used by people to make things?) Keep things like that until you need them or found out that you don't need them.

Your bags are slightly emptier now, we put the green stuff in the bank, the quest-items in your bags and the rest to the vendor.

Okay, but there are a few things left to do: you need food and *looks at you* if you have mana (thats the blue bar on your portrait) something to drink.

Food and drinks depend on your level, every 10 levels there's a new one, sold by your favourite innkeeper.

When you're level 8, give that level 1 bread to the birds or go back to the vendor, he will even give you money for it.

So let's go to the innkeeper. If you don't know where he is, ask the guard again.
But here in this city it's right around the corner. So you see, he sells a lot. There is the level 5 food and drink *points*, buy some of those and put it in your nearly empty bags. Eat and drink whenever you need it.

Now, back to the bank. It's full of green pieces of armor and weapons. You cannot even carry that much.So you have to get rid of it in some way.

One way is to bring is to the vendor, he will give you money immediately. The other way, if you have time, and you still have cash, we will bring it to the auction house. That's were you can sell and buy everything....okay, nearly everything.

But wait..oh hell...server shutdown in 5 minutes...maintenance.

You know what?

I tell you about this next time.

By Nimayne


  1. Pretty cool, does WoW still got alot of newbs. I'm so jaded been playing this game for 5 years now. Sometimes I forget the coolness of being new in WoW. One thing though if your a can create your own food, water, portals.

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  2. This is totally charming - I think it's a wonderful idea.

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  3. Wheeeeee...that was fast. Thought you put it up today.


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