Monday, March 18, 2013

Council of Elders - Tactics 10man

Much has happened since my last post here...amongst other things, Furious Pantaloons has had a guild split. 

Sad, but in the end unavoidable I think. I wish the group that split off the best of luck, and hope that they will be happier within their new guild than they eventually were in FP. 

But hey, that is not what I wanted to talk about. What I did want to talk about was the Council of Elders

We beat this 3rd encounter of the new Throne of Thunder raid this last weekend using one of the more unusual tactics we have used in raid encounters so far. In fact, the unusual part was that we ignored just about every normal tactic. 

What you are supposed to do is have a tank with Sul, one tank with the priestess, keep them plit up and kill adds as they come up. The dps attack order would then be to kill adds as they come up, and kill the boss that is empowered at that moment. 

We had tried this for 12 attempts, starting to think already that we should let the information sink in and come back next week, when someone suggested that we could try to just group everything up and aoe all of it down. 

This, normally, would never be an accepted tactics. Blizzard generally makes sure that there is one or the other something going on that prevents you from doing this. And in fact, this is totally not how this encounter is meant to happen, but lo and behold....3 attempts later, the Council of Elders was dead.

What you do need to know before attempting this. 

- 2 heals
- 2 tanks
- 6 dps

One tank on Sul, One tank on Priestess, tanks have to swap the frost dude between them, Malakk. 

First boss to empower is Malakk. When he is empowered he casts Frostbite. This ability forces 2 people (4 in 25s) to stack on the person with Frostbite to reduce the stacks to one. 

This still has to happen!

Other than that, make sure that if you cleave off something you cleave of Sul. You want him dead first since his sandstorm ability is a pain. 

Lastly, make sure to kill the Shadowed Loa Spirits that are cast by Mar'Li while she is empowered. They will kill the person they are targeting if they reach that person. 

Heal the crap out of everybody, muchos aoe heals, and aoe dps everything. 

Your dps will be much higher this way, which is also what will allow you to do this. 

Attempt 13, 14, and the winning attempt followed the group'em up strategy, the rest is following normal tactics. 

We then went on to have a look at Tortos..but he kicked our ass. Guess next week we'll be kicking some turtle ass!

Good luck if you attempt to use this strategy :)