Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ulduar 10 for Dummies: Kologarn

I love how my hits have steadily been going up. I also love looking at other stats. It's interesting to see that the readers of this blog come from all over the world, from Hawaii to Australia, to Afrika, to Alaska.

Another very handy thing is to check what people are watching for when they come to your blog. And I've noticed that quite a large number of people keep coming for the few Ulduar boss guides that I posted. So I figured lets finish those series, especially since my group finally finished the instance ourselves, with Yogg going down last weekend.

So far we've had:
- Flame Leviathan
- Razorscale
- Ignis the Furnace Master
- XT002 Deconstructor

Kologarn is next in line, so here we go...


After XT002 you take the next teleporter and you clear some trash. To the left of the stairs is Iron Council, and to the right is nothing really. At least, not until you've killed Iron Council on hard mode. But, we'll get to them in another post.

Up the stairs is Kologarn. When you get to his room you can look at the floor. The first row of squares is safe to walk in, and if you do he comes up, looming above you. Don't get scared, he looks big, but on 10man he's a bit of a pushover...if you do it the right way.

Raid Composition
- 2 tanks
- 2 or 3 healers
- 5 or 6 dps

Once Kologarn has come up you can target him, and you will see that you can target 3 different parts of him. His right arm, his body, and his left arm. Each of these parts have different abilities, but not all are equally important.

Spread out your ranged dps and healers along the first row of squares, from here they will be able to reach all that they need to reach.

Your first tank will tank the body. Someone always has to be in melee range because otherwise Kologarn will start casting petrifying breath. (yay, I got syndication to work!)

All of the dps will dps the right arm.

There are 2 reasons for this, first is the fact that with his right arm he periodically picks up someone and tries to squeeze that person to death. Once you've done enough damage to the arm he lets go of this person. And the second reason is that with every arm you kill, you drop Kologarn's health by 550K, which is quite substantial.

Once one of the arm dies 5 rock elementals spawn under the arm. These will have to be picked up by your second tank. These rock elementals apply stone nova, which means that you want your dps out of the way a bit. Melee can hit the right arm while standing in front of his body, and doesn't even have to turn when switching between arm and body.

It takes 30 seconds for the right arm to regrow during which the dps without aoe will be hitting the body, and those with aoe kill the rubble.

Once your tank is geared enough you will be able to do all this without tank switches, but until then you have to watch for crunch armor on the first tank, if it stacks too high you will want to tank switch so that the stack can fall off.

There are two other abilities that you need to watch for; eyebeam and shockwave.

Eyebeam is aimed at a ranged, and will follow that person. The best way to deal with it is step forward and run in between the ranged and the melee. After all you had all the ranged standing in the first row of squares so in between melee and ranged there are two rows of squares left to kite this eyebeam around.

Shockwave is simply something the healers will have to deal with.

Healing assignment
With 2 healers, healer 1 heals the tanks, and healer 2 picks up the raid (bit of extra healing to the gripped people).
With 3 healers, healer 1 heals the tanks, healer 2 does raid, and healer 3 picks up the picked up targets and helps on raid and tanks wherever it;s most needed at that moment.

- do NOT run the eyebeam through your healers
- do NOT kill the left arm at the same time as the right arm, he will cast stone shout, and this will likely wipe the raid
- do NOT think you're clever and all stack up within melee range, since overhead smash has a 8 second spell lockout


  1. Hi !

    That kiting between melee and range is quite clever. In our raids, the focused one run out of the room in the stairs and people not focused step aside out of the way of the eye beams. But it is a big loss of dps or healing...

    I wonder if my raid would be clever enough to do that in 25-man or if there won't be enough room...

  2. Yes, you can easily do this in 25. After all as long as the person with the eyebeam steps forward, it doesn't matter how many people are standing in the first line of squares.

    We've used it succesfully on 25s as well as on 10s :)