Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A third faction?

So lots and lots of speculation on worgen and goblins in the past week, and now more masks have been reveiled.

MMO-champion datamined a whole series of masks.

Of these races I think I would want to play a Vrykul lady. They are so perfectly savage. Yeah, a vrykul enhancement shammie would be really nice.

Then again...Ogre warrior? Murloc priest? Worgen druid?

All very cool ideas.

Maybe a whole new faction is in the making, and these are the faces that we'll see in it. With the announced option to change your faction it wouldn't even be too surprising.

Thror was saying that these races would never be able to work together lorewise, and though I agree with him, Dranei sort of came out of nowhere as well.

Which race would you play if given the chance?


  1. While I was saying that I didn't think they would work together as one faction...

    Murloc Paladin.

    Mrrugugula! (For the Light!)

  2. NO, pls no murlocs in a raid...would put them ALL on the ignore list, just to avoid hearing exact the noise you just made there!

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  3. I think nagas are pretty cool... Actually I really dread having to fight them... Worgens are cool too. I don't know which class I would choose though... Another hunter (worgen) or another druid (worgen too), or a naga priest,...

    And I think a murlock death knight would be the uber wonder of awesomeness ... Mouahaha, did you believe that !? You did ? Really ? :-D

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  4. Murloc anything is basically made of win isn't it? They are just so cute and, well, gurgly. Utterly absurd, of course, but nevertheless appealing.

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  5. again about this "not-going-together-lorewise":
    Hm, the story can be written on.
    it doesn't have to be a static story which is ending now (wotlk)
    maybe blizzard keeps lore going on with the new addon....well, at least they should do that.

    Recent blog post: Nimayne speaks – to a shield

  6. Haha, not sure if I could play a murloc, I might just get tired of my own gurgling...

    Sadly I'm one of those people who wants 'pretty' characters to play. If I have to stare at my own but for that many hours I might as well stare at something I find at least somewhat enjoyable to see, right?

  7. My point about them not going together lore-wise is that it would take a huge amount of writing to get some of these races to work together.

    Murlocs and Naga do work together, at least in a servant/master relationship, but Naga hate all land dwellers (except when they're useful), so when would they ever work with goblins, worgen and ogres?

    Worgen have only been completely hostile to everyone, and while Ogres have worked with the Horde in the past, they've been neutral or hostile to all sides for a while now.

    Vrykul are another example of 'we hate everyone, especially you!', which is why I don't see them working together with any of the other races.

    We'll see what Blizzard has to announce at BlizzCon though - they could throw in some major plot twists for the next expansion. :)

  8. I thought Vrykul were partly hostile because of the influence Yoggy has on them?

  9. That's possible also, but I don't think they'd be a very peaceful race even without Yoggy or the Lich King cheering them on into declaring war on the smaller races.