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The first blog post at Shy at WoW dates back to the 7th of April 2009. Funny enough I finally picked up the courage to start blogging while several of the big wow-bloggers decided to put their pen down. I had been reading their blogs since I was a little newb in the World of Warcraft, and these people's writing had always given me information and joy.

The idea to blog had been floating around for a while already in my head, but I had no idea where to start. Until through a post from Matticus I ran into the '31 Days to Build a Better Blog' challenge. (funny, at this point I think you can buy these posts or something? I ran into an add and was redirected to paypal).

I figured I would start, keep it small, keep it simple, and mainly for myself at first. I had no idea if I would keep it up after all. But so far I'm going strong, I'm at 327 published posts, close to 377.220 views, and hey I even seem to have some people who consistently come back to my blog. And the most important part, I'm having fun.

Shy at WoW is mainly about World of Warcraft, but sometimes you can read some random ramblings of myself through it. I have written for the longest time about priests, Shyraia has been my main, with Mists of Pandaria I changed my main to Shyrae the monk.

This is also why in older posts you will find quite a bit of priest ramblings, while currently I will write more about the monk.

About myself.

I  works in an IT company, have studied International Business, and play way too much World of Warcraft. My main is currently a monk, but I have several alts waiting at 85. Most likely they will be levelled at some point.

Though I have learned to restrain myself better, I have a sharp mind, but an even sharper mouth at times. Generally people like me, or they don't. If you're in the last group...oh well, just don't read any of this.

I lead a 10 man group, and we try to raid current content. We are hardcore, but with a wink, and the social aspect always comes first.

During my entire WoW time I have been in one guild, Furious Pantaloons, but my experiences with other guilds have shown me that what we have within FP is pretty special, and I doubt I'll ever guildhop to elsewhere.

If you ever have any topics that you would like to see a post about, feel free to leave me a comment somewhere, I read all of them, and I'll see what I can do.

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