Sunday, July 26, 2009

Best versus now..

Friday I asked when you looked the best, and I said I would play with WoW modelviewer a bit.

I included the weapon since I still think it's one of the better looking weapons in the game, especially for a priest.

Looking through what we had does make me a little sad if I see what the tier 9 will look like.... I mean, so much less heroic...and what's up with the spikes on the shoulders?

Am I going to launch myself at the boss or something?

I guess it's cold in Northrend and that's why all the clothing makes the characters look sort of fat.


  1. The priest set to me looks like a paladin set..

    And yes, it's bulky, very bulky.

    The other thing is that a human mage, human warlock, and human priest will all look alike. Visual cue for a healer will become a lot harder with this, especially if I think some light effects with it that certain instances have.

  2. should get one of those staves now then! should well be possible to get a group of achievement who...err...people who want to do BT together :)