Monday, July 20, 2009

Yogg down!

We did it, Yogg went down this weekend!

I know for a lot of you this is nothing special, but it took us quite some blood, sweat and tears. Woot!

And yay, not only Yogg, but also FL+3, XT002 hard, Steelbreaker last, Hodir hard, Thorim hard, and Freya with a tree went down this weekend. I am sooo proud of my team, big shoutout to you guys ^_^


  1. Grats to you:)

    Enjoy it!

    We did it 2 month ago and I was...deaf after the screaming over teamspeak!

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  2. Woot ! \o/
    Gratz on the kill !
    I'm so frustrated he wiped us yesterday night because of stupid people enjoying swinning in green clouds... I'm really happy you beated him !

    You're on your way to the rusted protodrake, which is really beautiful, good luck !

  3. Grats on the kill, this was with your spriest? Did you get phat lootz to rewards your "epicness"? Also, hows the ele shaman thing going, I was thinking tonight I might consider making a trip across realms to see whats up if you still wanted any help.

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  4. I can't believe how easy steelbreaker was in the end either

  5. B-Rab, I play a disc priest for my main. Though her second spec is shadow, and she might currently be in the armory like this. Elemental shammie is on low currently, but she'll get more attention again.

    And Mandii...posting from your Russian work computer again I see? ;p
    But yeah, steelbreaker was ridiculously easy.