Friday, August 14, 2009

Loot Idiotics

Kay, so I just got out of ToC heroic, and while I just posted, I have something to say.


It is a means to an end, not a goal. And all the lootcrazy idiots out there need to start putting things in perspective. You can go again tomorrow if it's an instance, you can go again next week if it's a raid.

And you know what?

You will replace that piece of gear sooner than that it is worth fighting over. I have Illidan's hammer in the bank, best in slot way back when. I replaced it with a blue at level 76.

It is not worth it. Stop alienating people over purple pixels.


  1. For some it is the goal. Some people really care about purple pixels. As for alienating others, if you at all value something and you perceive someone else as having stolen it from you, you'd probably be a bit annoyed. That said, people need to chill out a bit over loot.

  2. Loot is temporary,that's all I'm trying to say. It will go away again. The people you play with and raid with hopefully won't, but they prolly will if there's loot drama a lot.

  3. There are players who are bad sports about losing a roll. These people really need to take a good hard think about it.

    And there are people who are absolutely livid about winning a roll and being ripped off. I cannot really blame someone for being miffed at being ripped off. I suppose it depends on the situation.

    While I'm not loot crazy, I do believe in fair rewards for fair work.

  4. Sadly, some people cannot see much past what they want right now. Even worse, this isn't a problem which is restricted to WoW.

  5. Hmm..yes, reward for work well done. But I wouldn't want to try and put that on a scale. That 1500 dpser might've been working really hard for that, just having no idea how to go about it, while the 4k dpser might've been watching tv while keeping his rotation up with one hand.

    Either way, there is no need to get all snarky over loot. Yes, I can imagine disappointment, but snarkiness towards others is just not needed.

    On an unrelated not, I don't like how people cannot leave their links properly anymore through this new echo comment system that JS comments is using. Will have to look into it.

  6. I showed your post to one of my friends who was whining about loot. Thanks for the timely post :)

  7. If you really changed Illidan's hammer at lvl 76, you did something wrong.
    if you really changed Illidan's hanner with a blue, you should pretty much un-install wow.

  8. :*

    Nice...people whining about loot are incredibly annoying...esp. in times where you get t8,5 running heroics and stuff...