Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What Cataclysm will destroy as well

Lots of news out on the new expansion, and before blogging about all of it I wanted to let it sink in with me first. There's going to be many new things, but for the first time we're not only gaining, but also losing a lot of content.

I've already starting working on getting my old content done, I still have much to do, and all of a sudden it feels like I have little time to do it in.

I've gotten my guardian of Cenarius title. The title might stay, but I got it by working on Loremaster. Which, I think, is definitely a title that will go away. It will become a rarity to see someone with the title eventually, and I plan to be one of those people who does have it.

262 quests left to go in Kalimdor...

I'll try to get a full overview in from achievements that I feel might not make it through cataclysm or that will at least be altered a lot. Stay tuned.


  1. GL!

    Your article suggests that the loremaster title isn't a rarity. I never see that now!

    It will be cool to have it though, especially after the world is destroyed.

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  2. 262 quests??? Dang thats what I call dedication.

  3. hope you get the title soon. I gave up after this orc and goblin kept sending me back and forth to each other.

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  4. The Loremaster title is already sort of a rarity, but once you can no longer obtain the title it will become rarer and rarer.

    And hey, 262 quests left...I did 438/700 already ;)

    I have to admit, it's actually a lot of fun to go back to the old quest lines, since they explain a lot of what's going on now, or even explain a lot about Deathwing background.

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  5. The loremaster achievement is definitely one of those worthy of the "achievement" title. :)

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