Thursday, August 13, 2009

CC and Ony

The news is out, Ony is making a comeback! I am so looking forward to it. Since my dad has started playing after WotLK was in, he never even knew the story of Ony, and even though I have tried explaining, it's not the same. But now we get to fight her again, and even have the tiniest of chances to ride her!

*bouncebounce* woops, must be the inner nightelf in me...

And to jump from one thought to the next, Thror and I were discussing how raid bosses were set up, and they seem to be a lot of the same in Lich King. Avoid this, don't stand here, don't stand there, stabbety stab, pewpew.

It's a bit of a shame that the current content is not allowing for much use of the different abilities that classes have. And especially a fight that would need stuff to be CCed would be pretty cool.

Back in SSC for example I thought it was rather fun that you just had to CC stuff otherwise you would die. Of course this wasn't entirely a raid boss. But I think the places where CC is used can be counted on one hand, and that's a bit sad.

But not only CC is neglected as a PVE ability, also other things like mortal strike abilities, and mana draining would be fun in raid bosses. I've only ever done the bat lady in ZG once when I was at 60, but I thought it was a pretty cool way of fighting a boss, having to drain the mana.

(and woot, I just got the deviate hatchling, cute little bugger)

I guess we're all of the mindset now that we cannot possibly run the risk that a raid group might not have the ability needed to do the fight. Many players were already upset when Blizzard figured you should have 2 priests in a 25 on Razuvius.

As a way around this they're trying to come up with tricks like the machine fights and all that, but some abilities should be safe to assume they're available in a raid, right? I mean CC would be pretty cool, and as long as they make it so all types of CC would function it would surely be safe to assume that there is enough CC in a 25 to have some targets that need CCing?

I have to admit, I miss it a bit, how bout you?

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  1. These days I get all giddy like a school girl when I can sheep something. It doesn't happen all that often anymore.