Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sarcastic Shy in a Blergh Mood, beware!

Ever had one of those days where you're hopping from one character to the other? Just because you don't feel like anything, but you feel you should do something?

Yes, it's one of those days.

I just forced myself through Occulus to get my triumph emblems, and yaknowwhat I don't even know for what. Blizzard made it completely impossible for me to switch out to the next tier until I have 4 pieces.

At least a guildie was kind enough to heal so I could go shadow, since I'm even more tired of hearing 'that spells not ready' or 'you can't do that yet' when I'm discipline.

Isn't it sad that I feel guilty when I start doing stuff on an alt though? I mean there's so much left to do on my priest, but I'm just confused with it. I feel like I should get emblems of triumph, but I don't know what to do with them.

I'm not seeing upgrades, but for all I know next patch my stats are hussled about again and I need a mountain of emblems (though I sincerely hope that Blizzard is done shuffling my talents about until the next expansion at least).

Maybe I should just go out and try alting again, this time the favourite of this month...anybody know which class is currently being 'balanced' upwards?

(yes, I held back, I had sentences that would drive my blog to the realm of 18+ in first >_<)


  1. "I had sentences that would drive my blog to the realm of 18+ in first "

    Come to the dark side!!!!

  2. ...we have cookies.

    If you don't feel you have anything to do...ever played on "the dark side"?
    Try a Horde least that was what I my maingame is on Horde side.

    It was like starting new all over.
    New Server, a ton of new quests (nice questchains) , new cities (UC was sooooo confusing in the beginning)...just to take a break from the normal use-to-know view, try maybe a class you never tried before.

    Back in 07 i started a rogue alt on horde side, just to look what Horde is about, I never played Melee classes before, it was fun and the lady became the new char;)

    Now she's retired but still playing Horde and playing sometimes alts on alliance side.

    Just try it:)

  3. Hi !

    I do that too... When bored, I just log on the page with all my characters and clic on them : hunter ? no... druid ? ... ehem... no... DK ? pfff... nope... hunter then ?... no... And then I log off and get a book, still chatting on TS with the guild...

    But to answer your question, I didn't know either what to roll once my druid dinged 80. I have a baby shaman but don't feel like playing it those days. And I told myself that I needed a jewelcrafter, so I levelled a DK. I wanted to see the beginning zone anyway but I loved the gameplay of the DK. Having always dread melee classes, I found out DK have a really smooth playstyle. My DK is now in Northrend having levelled alone and making it so easy. (I hate levelling, I usually need assistance in levelling mostly for motivation to do my questing...)
    I may try to tank low level instances with him but I not sure I can do it, the tanking role is very opaque for me... All I know is that a tank has many health points, and that he should keep the mobs off the other people. How do they do that is a mistery... Time to unveil it maybe...

    And I rolled another hunter horde-side, to visit Orgrimmar and the other cities and hordish zones before the new expansion...

    Good luck with your baby alt if you roll one.

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  4. I've come to notice that whenever I finally hit level 80 on whatever class that was supposed to be 'balanced' upwards, they nerfed it before I could enjoy it. And they would have a different class they were cuddling. ><

  5. I want them to cuddle my class a little instead of slap it around >_<

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