Monday, August 3, 2009

Jaina the fortune cookie? yah, it does indeed seem no patch yet this week, at least no news has gone out at all yet, and the PTR was working just 5 minutes ago.

Soooo..I went over to the EU servers and poked my priest there a little. Currently waiting for the others in my pug to show up for a violet hold run. (and of course once I start writing they're all there within 20 seconds).

Thror and I did the wrathgate event earlier. We went through the Undercity and everything, and one of the things Jaina said made me think about some things. Thror and myself got into a heated discussion about it, where he started telling me what could and could not happen according to lore.

But I say, forget about lore! Forget about what the world of warcraft has taught us so far, and lets think out of the box.

I bet you're wondering now what it was that Jaina said, heh?

This was in the throne room of Thrall.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: "I fear that the rage will consume him, Thrall. I remain hopeful that reason will prevail, but we must prepare for the worst... for war."
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: "Farewell, Warchief. I pray that the next time we meet it will be as allies."
But what if? What if for some odd reason Alliance and Horde would become allies? Maybe the undead would split off, I cannot ever see them working together with alliance, but I can see the other races work on it.

And then the next thought came...what if all those masks that we've seen now, are not new races for either faction, but what if they were a faction?

What if the new factions are Horde teamed up with Alliance against the rest?

It would be such an epic tale to tell, and such an epic story to follow. And somewhere deep down (I don't care what lore says) it sort of makes sense as well that people come to see reason.

The whole world is at war. Horde and Alliance have common enemies, and the only reason that Alliance is still not working with the horde is that idiot Wrynn it seems. Well I say lets bump him off the throne, have Jaina and Thrall marry, and start a new kingdom!

Horde and Alliance unite!

PS: I'll personally come mail you a copper for the best description of what their kids would look like, as long as you're on EU or USA servers somewhere!

PSS: Patch is next week, confirmed by blue poster in French, here. (Yes, I do speak French.)

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  1. I don't see why the Forsaken would have to split away. Maybe a faction would split away, but I'm certain that a large portion of the Forsaken would be loyal to the Alliance if they stopped shooting at them; they are mostly dead humans after all.

    As a member of the Horde I wish I could blame it all on Varian, but Hellscream Jr. is just as bad, just with less power, and there are many other orcs who act just as stupidly. See this chain for more details and tiny spoilers: