Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Coliseum for Dummies: Jaraxxus

Between itemization and Jaraxxus I did a /roll 2 and it has become Jaraxxus. I'll do my best to make it sound exciting, but this fight really is a "as long as you know what to look for" fight.

Jaraxxus is the second boss in the coliseum. When you speak to the guy at the entrance again you will....hmm...wait, lets not spoil this.

But you end up fighting a big red demon called Jaraxxus. If you want the full overview, go here, Matticus did a darn good job describing all the abilities. I will just call out what you need to watch for in the fight, and give you the clear cut answers.

Composition 10s:
- 2 tanks
- 3 healers
- 5 dps
Composition 25s:
- 3 tanks
- 7 healers
- 15 dps

Yes, many healers, it's a very healing intensive fight.

He has many abilities, and most of them you have to counter in a specific way. It's a trick fight, and when you know the tricks you'll do fine.
  • Fel fireball - Have someone assigned to interupt this, preferably a dps. It abosulutely has to be interupted. If it's not interupted it leaves a dot on the person who it has hit which can be dispelled, but if you burden your healers with this on top of everything else you're not going to have happy healers, so just make sure to interupt.
  • Incinerate Flesh - Heal, heal, and heal more. You have to heal a certain amount (depending on instance version) within 15 seconds on the person who has this to make it go away, or you will likely have a wipe on your hands. The person who had it will still take damage after the debuff is removed so keep healing.
  • Legion Flame - Whoever gets legion flame should run to the outside wooden ring and run it off around the ring. I say to the outside so you're out of the way of others, and running because the fire will follow you for 6 seconds.
  • Nether Power - This is a buff on him, dispel or spellsteal it. If you do not, he does more damage.
  • All the rest can just be healed through. There are other abilities that can be interupted, but they are less critical than what is described above.
Adds should be picked up by the second tank.
  • Infernals: only ranged should kill them. They have an aoe pulse every time they stand still.
  • Mistress of Pain: all dps can kill her.
Loot lists for the entire Coliseum can be found here, and you can filter a row by clicking on the header.


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  2. Another great right up Shy, you da bomb! LOL!

  3. You make it sound so easy! I got to try the 10 man out soon. You are making me jealous! 8-)

  4. Hmm..I do think that a lot of fights have to do with state of mind. If your group is scared, and unsure of victory you'll have a lot harder time.

    And your leader should reflect that confidence as well, but we now go into psychology and though I read about that since I think it's interesting, I definitely am no specialist about it.

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