Monday, August 17, 2009

Commenting on Others

Almaster If you really changed Illidan's hammer at lvl 76, you did something wrong.
if you really changed Illidan's hanner with a blue, you should pretty much un-install wow.
This was a comment on my previous post in which I was venting about loot crazy people.

Since I don't like people who start shouting this sort of stuff, but really have no idea what they're talking about, I was about to just ignore this message and moderate it out of being

But then I changed my mind.

It's really rather silly to shout stuff like this without knowing the situation. The spec, the rest of the gear. Almaster here had no idea about any of this, and the last sentence, of course, makes absolutely no sense anyway.

In general I try to ignore people like this, but since I value all of my readers and commenters, even the ones who shout nonsense (hey you can learn different things from different people, even if it is how not to go about something).

If you comment on something, or someone, I have experienced the following to often be of good advice:
  • Make sure you have your facts straight
  • Make sure you have a good view of the entire situation
  • Know what you're talking about yourself
  • If the comment is not factual, but an opinion, best make sure to express so in one way or the other
  • Don't ever try to make someone else look bad, in the end you generally end up looking the ass yourself
  • If you do absolutely feel like you have to say something try to do this in a respectful manner, especially when you feel that you have to comment in a negative way or have a negative message
This is of course not only true for WoW, but also for a lot of other situations.

Now to get back to this specific comment.

I changed the Crystal Spire of Karabor out for a blue, I think it might've been a staff of some kind.

The mace was nice for throughput, but I was constantly oom, so I needed regen. The staff I picked up (I think it might've been earlier than 76 even, it's been a while), provided more regen.

So while crystal spire of karabor gave me nice healing and a bit of extra healing on targets below 50% health, when oom you can't really heal much, can you?

And I am not the type of healer that lets her targets drop to below 50% health. So the amount of times the mace procced was to be counted on one hand.

Besides this I was disc already back then and regen was based on crit and manapool (this was true until rapture changes). As you probably know the hammer has no crit (only from int) and only 8mp/5.

All in all I lost minimal spellpower (like 15 or so) and a hot that would only proc when I was letting my targets drop below 50% health, but I gained a lot of regen and manapoool. I needed the mana more then the throughput.

I am a good healer. Don't take my word for it if you don't want to, feel free to ask the people that I work with on a daily basis, or check the world of logs. (this one is from Ulduar 25 last night)

I know what I'm doing, I did my research, and I know which gear goes with my playstyle and spec.

You, mister or miss Almaster, on the other hand, adviced someone to unintstall the game based on 1 single sentence.

That sort of negativity (especially when used regularly) will probably put your own health at risk, not to mention your social life. I suggest to think next time before posting this sort of stuff, and I sure hope that no newbies run into you when you feel like shouting out this sort of stuff.


  1. You might have made a less-than-perfect decision about loot while leveling. As we all know, leveling less than perfectly has a serious negative impact on everyone around you. You should be ASHAMED to have possibly not picked your leveling gear perfectly. He was kind to just say to uninstall WoW, I'd have suggested entirely destroying your computer and self-banishment from the internet.

    While the anonymous assholes of the internet are frightening, more frightening are people who act the same IRL. Or is it the reverse, that mostly decent people can become so horrible in a moment.

  2. You give that asshat too much credit, a whole post to explain your gear decisions. I deal with these people from time to time, don't give them too much power over you in terms of getting you angry, or think you need to defend yourself.

    By the way I think the best healers go naked, that's just what I read on the forums somewhere. :)

  3. What a thoroughly annoying comment to receive - I hope it didn't upset and anger you too much (although it would both have upset and angered me). In terms of the content of your loot post I have to say "hear hear" and also I would heartily recommend ignoring idiots like this Your blog is, after all, your blog, and he doesn't deserve your attention. Also his WoWcock is clearly small and shrivelled and shouldn't be presented in public.

  4. I wasn't upset and angered, but I took him as an example on how not to criticize others. I really do believe in karma, and negative thoughts like this will get back to you one day.

    And the gear decision explanation was to show others that things aren't always black and white. Itemization is a choice. And if Blizzard has stuck item points in stamina they don't go into other points. I don't care enormously about stamina as a healer (of course I should have enough to not die), so an item with quite a bit of stamina will likely have less points in the stats that I want. In fact, there is a cloak in Ulduar that is an excellent example of this.

    Good players know about this, and maybe I should do an in depth post some day to explain itemization points, and how item level (or color of gear) is really not the make or break point for choice of gear :)

  5. I think its a good post about how decisions aren't always black and white. Theres always underlying factors that affect each choice.

    But really... leveling is such a small portion of the game. Most of the play time starts once the leveling is completed (for most of us anyways). Who cares if the peice of gear you leveled with was suboptimal because it lacked 10 spellpower. My mage is leveling with a pair of bunny ears on cause i think it looks cute, as opposed to a helm with stats. (Is that optimal? i Highly doubt it! LOL)

  6. Of course it's optimal, you're having fun with it, right? ^_^

    Altage is all about fun anyway, whereas the main character can become a bit more serious, especially when other people become involved and start to depend on you. I know my main inside out, and my alts only inside..or something (though, I have to admit that I'm such a theory addict that I know my alts pretty darn well as well)