Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dear Auriaya

Pugnacious Priest had a contact add blogged today. I just had to react.

Catchphrase: I'm one of the cooler guys around

Dear Auriaya,

I read about your love for cats, and thought that we may chat about our love for the feline species over a cup of green goo coffee together. I have only one cat, his name is Mr Bigglesworth, but he's a very intelligent one. And to those who would touch a hair on his head; I would curse the interlopers, and the army of the lich king would hunt them down, they would not escape their fate...

As you notice I am in the good books with Arthas, and though I am currently not endgame content, I have been twice before so I can assure you that I'm a pretty big boss.

Back when I was a member of the Council of Six, I used to read books quite a bit. In fact I have tried with all my might to gain access to the guardian library of Medivh, but allas the library was destroyed (and so was I, but that story might be told at a later point).

My special interest went to books about necromancy, do you have any specific subjects you like reading about?

I have been promised immortality, and I bet that if we would get on well and decide that we would like to stay together I could try to strike a deal for you too.

Distance: I would love to show you my necropolis, and I don't move too easily myself, but I one of my minions is quite good in teleporting.

Hobbies: Watching people dance, I don't do much dancing myself, but I do love watching others. If they don't move in time I do get bored quickly and just finish them it off.

Desirable Qualities: I rule Naxxramas, is that not enough?

Contact Options: I'm sending Heigan out with this message, feel free to use him to send your reply back. Just don't mention Noth to him, and he should be willing to help you.

Children: I consider many out there as my minions slaves children.

Me when I was still alive.
Me now, quite an improvement, eh?


  1. made absolutely my day! 8-)

  2. Lol - I am sure Auriaya will consider the offer closely.. what ideas for a first date do you have?

  3. I don't know if I could date a chick who likes to party with 10 or 25 people at the same time. I don't get into the kinky stuff.

  4. Woah! Now there's ideas! Post for tomorrow methinks ^_^

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  5. Hehehe...

    I hope he will have a chance... With those new bosses coming around the corner, he will have to be really good. Especially with Arthas and his "bad boy attitude", and his big and all new palace.

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