Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jaraxxus vs Itemization and Cars

Been wanting to write a dummies post about Jaraxxus, but because of a comment I also got an idea about itemization points and how to make gear decisions.

I'll fiddle with the ideas some more and one of them should be up by tonight.

On non related wow stuff. Thror and I are looking to buy a new car. Well, not necesarily new, but at least a lot newer than our current car, and for us it would be new.

We found something we liked yesterday, it was a fairly new car (jan '09) of the exact brand and type that we want, with all the extras built in already. But the garage was a bit over an hours drive away from our work. Not something you'd go do when you have limited time in the evening when you're not at least pretty interested in the car.

So I called the garage, and asked some questions. One of them was if the price mentioned online was the complete price, and if that was the end amount. Yes, they said.

So we got in the car, drove for over an hour (darn roadblocks causing me to have to drive into a different direction for a while, and getting half lost), and we finally arrive about 10 minutes before the car dealer would close.

We get greeted by an old geezer, and walk inside. So he points out the car, and starts talking about the price. So it's this and this, and then you have to pay transport costs.

I'm like wha? "Transport costs? What for?"

"Well, to deliver it at your door!"

"Oh, that's ok, I'll pick it up."

"Nono, that's not possible, for a new car transport costs have to be paid."

You can imagine how not happy I was, he starts rambling over transport costs and how they had to be paid. So I sigh and ask him what can be done with the price still. He goes nothing, and tells me to think about it, but that he has to close off. Then he tells me that he has 35 in store still.

So he basically double-screwed with me:
1. This car was not new. 6 months old is not new in the car world over here, in fact a pretty big chunk should be taken off over the first 6 monhts.
2. Transport costs when you have 35 of them in store is a bit odd. Even then, it's pretty standard to have some additional costs over the price, but when I call ahead and ask specifically if the price online is the price, explain it will take me an hours drive, and they just screw me over, I get pissed.

I hate buying cars.

I love driving a new one, but I hate buying them.

I wonder if all car dealers are pricks and out to screw you over, I have to say I've not met many who weren't.


  1. Car dealers what ain't pricks get tired of being screwed over by they's coworkers, and then go find theyselves a different way fer ta earn a living.

  2. When I go shopping for cars I feel I should walk in backwards and bent over. To save some time with the screwing.

  3. Hi !
    Not all car vendors are like that. When I bought my car last year, I went to the "shop". It was quite a big centre, with many cars from the same brand. There was to part, the one for new cars, and the one for second-hand cars.
    The first vendor I saw was from the "new car" part. He absolutely wanted my to buy this or that car, with those options because they were great and it was just a few hundreds euros more, etc... Except it of course end up with something much more expensive than what I could afford. If I wanted the simple car with no option, he had none in stock, I would have to wait 3 weeks blah blah blah.

    My car was broken down on my banker's carpark (it broke the day I went there to get the loan for a new car, I knew my old car wouldn't live much longer but I didn't expected it to died that way...) so I needed a car now...

    I crossed the street for the other part of the "shop", with second-hand cars. And there I found one car the model and color I wanted, for the price I wanted, one year old, with more options than the one I could have had if waiting 3 weeks on foot (30 kms every day to go to the office would have make me fit of course but... well...). And the vendor was really nice, not too insistent, very helpful. I bought his car... I love it ! ^_^

    And I know people how could sell their grand mother (more than once) for any price to the first person they meet, without the person fealing robbed because they are great seller very gifted. They are nice and insistent enough for you to pay attention to what they say and whatever they have in hand, you will get away with it... That's an amasing thing to observe... And if the product is good they will come back.

    I love watching and listenning to sellers in fairs trying to sell their products, not for 50euros, no ! Not 40 either but 30 euros ! Yes M'am, 30 for the whole lot of gadgets ! And because you're pretty I will had this to the package, totally free !
    ... Charlatan...
    It's so funny ! :D

  4. Oh my, I wish I had your way of looking at things Nefernet =) I just get annoyed with car dealers because I know that their prices aren't stable. You need to talk and talk, and play more games and if you play the game right you can get the car cheaper than if you had player the game wrong. I don't want to play a game, I just want to buy a car.

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  6. I hate buying cars too. I even have USAA purchasing behind me, which scares all the little car dealers into offering reasonable deals from the start.

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