Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Casualties of Cataclysm

From the bowels of Deepholm, the elemental plane of earth, rose a rumble and the earth shook lightly. Deathwing shook his head and stretched as much as he could. He yawned a little and lazily scratched his chin.

For the first couple of years it had been hard, he had been so weakened. But now, now he felt stronger every day. And the plans that had been formed and molded in his mind would soon become reality...

This could be happening right now. Blizzard has already revealed to us that sometime in the nearby future Deathwing will return and will lay Azeroth to waste. With this horrific deed he will reshape the world as we know it, and while some areas may recover and come out anew, other areas will never be the same.

Lets face it, after Cataclysm, the World of Warcraft as we know it now, is gone. With that a lot of the current quests, factions, and achievements will likely no longer exist. Here's an overview of things that might change forever.

Keep in mind that these are my own speculations, and that they are based purely on information published and on common sense.

Complete 700 quests in Eastern Kingdoms
Complete 700 quests in Kalimdor
Complete 568 quests in Outlands
Complete 875 quests in Northrend

This is currently a pretty darn big achievement. It gets you a nice title as well. You see the title every now and then, but it still isn't something that most people have done.

With a lot of quests disappearing forever in Azeroth my guess is that this will become a feat of strength and that the title will become rarer and rarer.

Wintersaber Faction.
There is one guy that hands out quests for this faction. If he happens to step the wrong direction when Deathwing comes by, he's dead and wintersaber faction with him. It's very possible that wintersaber mounts might become an even bigger rarity than they already are.

(Wintersaber will now be melted saber?)

Insane and Goblin Factions.
I know not all the goblin races will become horde, but it's well possible that Booty Bay may become Booty Hole, and that goblin factions as they currently are will become rather impossible to get for Alliance.

With this it would also become quite impossible to get the Insane title. Though I've never seen this around, like, ever. It will become quite the title to have once it's no longer even possible to get it.

Dungeons and Raids
The Onyxia quest line as it once was has already disappeared, with Ony going out to get level 80s now, the achievement might be completely gone. And Ony is likely not the only one.

It has already been announced that Ragnaros is back (and pissed), but that would mean that Molten Core is no longer the same. Go see this sort of stuff while you can.

Cooking Recipes.
So while I can actually see it happen that the caravan in Desolace might still be tracking around there after the revamp. I can definitely advice to get your cooking recipes now, it's a fun little thing to do and well...it might not be there afterwards, or at least not in this form.

Base Jumping
Go jump of some mountains, once a big dragon has swept by they might be a tad shorter.

In Feralas there is a nightelf lady at the twin collossals that sends you to the top, and once there you can buy a parachute and jump down. I've once read a post somewhere on basejumping in Azeroth. Here's a video that shows you some really cool places to jump from.

I might be a little silly about stuff like this, and though I can see how Cataclysm will be a lot of fun, I just have to go and see stuff as it is now. I feel like I should take screenshots of every single great view I see, even though I know I'm being silly, since there are more screenshots out on the internet than my computer would ever have space for.

I can't help it though. This is the WoW I've lived in for years now, and knowing that it will change so radically makes me feel slightly sad.

But hey, Worgen, right?


  1. They will take OG away:(

    That's a thing which is sad...AND they take the leader of the Horde

    *sigh* can't change it.

    /afk taking screenshots as well.


  2. I've felt like I should go out and take a bunch of pictures of places too. It sort of sounds like the perfect beginning of a screenshot contest.

    Recent blog:=- New Rules 8/25/09 – Blizzcon Edition

  3. Yeah I'll be taking alot of screenshots in the next year.

  4. bah, Im outta town for work and i guess It didnt retain my login for this.
    --Mandii :-P

  5. Cant decide if they will take loremaster out or not. There could very well be enough quests still with the revamp (hell there could be more then enough). It all depends on how they do the quest lines.

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  6. But on the up side, you're not using your crazy Cyrillic work browser!

    I'd like it if Loremaster became a feat of strength 'Loremaster of Old' or such, and if they want they stick more loremaster achievements in for post-Cataclysm quests in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms.

  7. If you consider yourself silly with nostalgia, then I'm silly as well. Let me embrace my nerdiness: I've been playing WoW for 4 years now (though on-and-off over the past 2). I'm also an altoholic. Whine as I may when I start doing thousand needles for the 10th time, the fact is that I've got some great memories from playing this game, many of which come from my newb days when I was exploring the zones. Simply walking around, say, Redridge Mountains with the calm music and all brings fond memories.

    Following the announcement of the revamp, I started leveling another toon for the purpose of seeing the old content one last time. Level 41 now, going a bit too quick for my taste =/ I might be crazy enough to level another after that.

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