Monday, August 31, 2009


This weekend I raided with the 25 on my druid, well at least a big part of it. I had a lot of fun, and not only that, it also made me realize that I do like my priest. I just shouldn't get overdoses of priestly raiding.

In our pugtastic raid we one-shot mimiron, and took a look at Vezax. Boy is there a lot of trash to kill. We also gave faction champions another try, and I still hate that fight. Still other raids are managing to beat it fairly easily, so should we. We just need to figure out how.

In our 10s we did manage to kill faction champion, and Twins. And boy are they easy. (Expect a write up soon.) We also got Orbit-uary and Sarth3D down. So yay, 1 closer to our drakes again.

We worked on mimiron firefighter as well, and got it to phase 4! Next week we should get him down, and then it's 1 left to go, Yogg+1 woot!.

So yeah, that was sort of my weekend. Lots and lots of raiding, lots and lots of sleeping and napping. And though the vuelta finished in our little town this weekend, all I saw of it were many helicopters flying over.

I rawred a lot on my kitty druid and let my wild side out. I just have to make sure not to burn myself out on her and change healing off with a healthy dose of whackbangboom!


  1. It's always nice to have other classes to play just in case you do get burned out, and for preventing getting burned out:P Though, raiding on several different characters can sometimes prove challenging with gear and enchant/gems that follow up with it.

  2. Firefighter is no joke. I think less then 1% of the WoW population has it...that number could be wrong, but I am pretty sure its right.

    So good luck on that! Looking forward to reading your write up on the Twins. 8-)

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  3. Ruby-I've managed to get my druid into the realms of 5K dps so I can get along with the rest just fine luckily ^_^ but yeah, it was a challenge to get her there, since not even the new welfare epics got her up high enough for me to feel confident in bringing her.

    Thedoctor: no kidding! Firefighter is a pain in the ass! But we WILL get that drake.

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