Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Patch Today?

So WoW.com is indicating that the patch will be dropping today after all. Either way there's extended maintenance today on the US servers.

I guess season 7 won't be coming at the same time as the patch then? At least this isn't too surprising, it happened before that this didn't come at the same time.


  1. mmo-champion.com
    told same thing, 3.2 is going life on US realms today and tonight on EU realms.

  2. It's lookin that way, a friend told me his computer started downloading it this morning before work.

  3. Mine took forever to background download, but I finally had it 100%. Guess more downloading once I get home. Though I'm not much in a hurry now, that extended maintenance will prolly be extendedextended.

    Working on another post for later today as well btw, so stay posted.

  4. I have no clue what you're talking about. They have neva eva had extended extended maintenance, especially not on a patch day. Things are going to be up running perfectly at 11AM pst (1pm here) and I am going to be home shortly afterwards to enjoy a lag free server.

    A man can dream...

  5. Hrmph I was wrong...that never ever happens...ok once when I was really young

  6. haha, *hugs Rivs* it's ok... ;)