Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Project GenderBender by Rivs

Rivs has started out a small project. He started a female dranei and is now trying to figure out if gamers react differently to female gamers then they do to male gamers.

My personal experience is that it generally doesn't make too much of a difference, but sometimes you have those idiots...

It goes something like this:

"R u a grl irl?"

I don't know why, but the people who feel the need to ask these silly questions hardly ever seem to be able to type full words.





By that time they run out of stuff to say or they start telling me how sexy I am.

"Ur so hot!"

"Really? you go for pixelated then?"

This is when you can almost hear them think what on earth that difficult word is.


"Yah, go learn some English before you try to chat up intelligent females"

If it does get to this point, generally they are getting annoyed with me or they wander off. I've had from ignores to "Biotch" things happen.

Oh, and then there is the vent stories...

My native language isn't English, though I speak it fluently, so yes, I speak English with an accent. So sometimes there are men (rarely women) who feel they should comment on how sexy my accent is on vent. I pug, quite a bit, and in my guild I've never had this problem, but on the pug vents I still run into this sometimes.

And yaknow, if it would be once just to figure out where I come from, "Cool accent, where are you from?" type of deal, I would be totally cool with it. But there are a couple who keep drewling over it. I'm woman enough to ignore them. I am there to raid lead, but when it does get out of hand I do call them back and ask them to keep it in.

I also once had a guy who went completely off his rocker with the /lick command. I suddenly knew where to find the /slap command as well. Which is a thing I would actually do IRL as well. There are just things that I cannot accept.

Lets face it, most women know that they can expect some oddness from the male species out there once it's known that they have boobies. But generally it's not too bad, or if it does really bother you, all you have to do is say nothing ;)

It's an interesting project Rivs has going, go read it ^_^


  1. Hey now, that's bewbiez (or something) -- oh wait, no, it's MS Bewbiez to you! Well, them. I never did understand how someone could think it was normal to call me a byotch after being propositioned -- they're just lucky I can't reach them IRL to go medieval on their neanderthal asses.

    As for accents... English isn't my original language either (though I learned it early enough that it may as well be), but I have an English -- or British, to the US folks ;) -- accent and I know what you mean about Vent. I realise most of the time nothing bad is meant by it, but there's only so much "your accent is seckseh!" one can take before going insane(r).

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  2. First off thanks for the link love Shy, I am interested in perspective. To me life is perspective, and thats the great things about MMO's, it can change our perspective a little, and hopefully if we take the opportunity grow from it.

    Because of MMO's I have met so many people that normally I wouldn't meet, and made this big world, not so big anymore.

    So hopefully this project will let me understand the issues women go through in MMO's, and when i speak about issues in Gender in gaming, I have worn the other shoe sort of.

    At the very least maybe it will help me get laid because i understand women better.HAHA!

  3. I remember there was a person that added me to their friends list once they found out I was a girl. He then asked me to do things with him such as grind quests, ect. Annoying when you already have your "crew" and love alts you want to spend time with.

  4. I have quite a few female toons -----actually, a lot, and have rarely been asked if I'm male or female IRL.
    Maybe it's different on a PvP server.
    I just prefer to go with the more aesthetic choice of the race I'm playing, and in most cases, that's female.
    I'm male, btw.

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  5. Do men not enjoy watching themselves then? And surely belf boys are pretty enough... :P

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  6. My toon is an Avatar of me, it represents me in this virtual world. I am male. I am a beer drinking, smart ass, arrrogant SOB, and my toons reflect that. So in every game I have been male.

    I don't really watch my toon at all, and sometimes I feel the guys who say they rather watch female toons have more issues then they are letting on. Whether they wish to be that toon, or wish the toon come to life to be a virtual girlfriend. I could be wrong though, I'm no expert.

  7. Maybe I should start the project from the other side, and try to take a look into their heads?

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  8. Honestly, most men would prefer to stare a shapely female than a male. For me, all of my "alts" are female, because they're just that .. alts. I don't put anything (or very little) of "me" in them .. they're just characters to play, watch, guide, and enjoy. My "main" is much more of "me" per se .. as a result, my main characters are male, at least, if I'm taking the game at all seriously.

    As to the topic at hand .. years ago, I did get some odd conversations, up to and including people trying to flirt and stuff .. iew .. but lately .. nothing at all. I suspect the word has gotten out that the hot female elf chick really is likely a guy ..

  9. @Shy actually that would be kind of cool from the flip side of the coin.

  10. Back in everyquest I used to play a female character as well and got ALOT of male advances from random people that saw a female character walking by. In wow, not so much though it has happened occassionally.

    There's nothing wrong with playing a character thats female and being a guy, and personally, i think the Females typically look cooler (armor, graphics, etc) so i normally play them instead of a male toon. (I do have both though)

    @Rivs - It's not that they sit there and watch their toon, but you cannot help but see it ALL the time if your playing. Unless your playing in first person mode and then really, youre missing so much more that you might as well not be playing! lol

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