Monday, October 15, 2012

The Nerf Bat

So I haven't set foot in a normal raid yet. I did LFR last week and Sha of Anger, but we just don't have all of our people ready to raid.

Our group is never the first to get to content, but we're most of the times also not last. And generally our group manages to finish content.

Yet, nerfs and buffs have been given out already by Blizzard. And I am wondering...


Seriously Blizz? What are you basing these buffs and nerfs on? Players who do have a mountain of time, players who belong to the hardcorehardcore crowd. Granted, that may mean that the buffs were desperately needed, because if even a player from that caliber needs it, then the overal middle ground crowd will definitely need it, but nerfs?


This means that the people who haven't reached certain content yet, and who are already not as good will also get it harder. Because the people who the nerf was intended for already have managed to get gear to compensate for the nerf in the first place.

I think Blizzard is whopping around with the nerfbat a bit too fast and while it may be obvious to what they have seen on parses so far, I think they could just have waited a little to see what the larger crowd was doing.

I feel very very behind and the fact that a new patch is already on the horizon is not making that much better. I feel hunted and chased and as if I will never have enough time to get all of it done on time.

Unfortunately enough I am one of those people that if it reaches this point I sort of turn around and flop down. Done.

If I cannot do it properly, I'd rather not do it at all.

I guess for the moment I'll see where it all goes, but bah, not happy about the expansion at the moment. Too much to do before you can get where you want, too many chores.

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