Thursday, October 25, 2012

Skiving off from WoW

Have you ever felt guilty about not playing? 
Maybe an odd question, but it's these sort of questions I ask myself at times to evaluate my game behaviour. 

Let me explain how I got to this one.

Every second wednesday my parents watch our doggies during the day (we have two adoring bratling Cavaliers), and after work we then have diner with them. I personally find this a really pleasant arrangement, because it means that I get to sit down with my parents at least every other week, and as an extra-added bonus we don't have to cook, nor clean up after cooking. 

Anyways, we had a really pleasant time with good food, and good company, and it ended up being about 8.30PM that we were actually home again. Not all that late yet, but since I get up earlyish for work I try to be in bed before 11PM. So we had about 2,5 hours before bedtime....

...I knew I should log in and try to get some more valor points so that I could go get my belt this week before raiding...

...I knew I should log in and do my farm, and some dailies...

...I knew I should really create some flasks for raiding, and in order to that as efficiently as possible I should really spend the time to level my elixir master in alchemy...

But I was completely not looking forward to all the 'Chores' I still had to do in the game, so instead I hung in front of the TV and watched some series about hurricanes. 

It felt somewhat bad, I felt somewhat guilty.

Not only because it feels like I should want to play the game, I mean the expansion is only a few weeks old and already I am not feeling like logging on. But also because I felt like I should really take my responsibility as a raidleader and get my shit done. 

Problem is that I dread even more logging on tonight, because my list of tasks has not become shorter, but my time to do it in has. And that means I'm setting myself up for failure. Which means that I might be badly (or in my eyes badly) prepared for raid this weekend. 

I did not do everything I could reasonably do at least...or did I?

I am trying to convince myself that it's a game and that it should stay fun, but I find myself wondering when the fun is going to happen. 

Current WoW Feeling:


  1. Back when I first started playing WoW, one of my friends said something that became my philosophy of playing: "This is not a race." You feel like doing everything as much as possible? Go for it. You feel like taking a few nights off? Then take them off. Getting ahead or falling behind are nothing more than illusions, because it is not. a. goddam. race.

    If you aren't prepared for your raid? Oh well. It is not the end of the world. Most likely the people you raid with hate feeling like rats on a treadmill too. So communicate, and either agree to stop pretending there's a treadmill, or make adjustments, or make major changes. These are all acceptable things. Making yourself miserable over a video game, though, is not.

    That's my 2 coppers. Whether it's helpful to you or not, or you think I'm a delusional idiot, I do wish you luck finding your funs. 'Cause we all deserve that.

  2. I say, if it feels like work, don't do it; At least, not every day.

    With all these factions and dailies available, people are feeling the pressure to get it ALL done immediately. That just leads to burn out.

  3. I did scenarios yesterday and had a lot of fun with that. And of course, you are both right, I am trying to tell myself the same.

    If it feels like a chore I should not be doing it in my spare time, that is what the actual work is for. And yes, I should and will communicate this with my raid team.

    Thanks =)

  4. I did the same - watched some TV instead of playing WoW - and I think it's actually great. The key takeaway is: you dont need to be plugged in 12 hours a day!

  5. WoW in MoP seems to have plugged in big time to that addictive feeling of needing to do things today in order to advance tomorrow. You can't win if you don't play. There are so many things to do that represent incremental advancement.

    It just seems like that is all there is in the game right now. I know it's not true, but I'm feeling an unpleasant addictiveness to the game right now. Taking a break is the best cure for that.

  6. Yeah, see, once I 'have' to do something I feel all of a sudden less eager to do it.