Thursday, November 5, 2009

Enchanting Roll in 3.3.

There will be 3 options in the loot screen with 3.3, need, greed, and disenchant. Disenchant will go on the same roll as greed. But need will still go above the other two.

On the one hand it's very positive that Blizzard has taken notice of the problems that enchanters are having, but the solution they've chosen goes completely against my feeling of honesty.

Before at least I could chose myself if I wanted to offer the option of DEing, now I have no choice, since the game will scan for a character in the group that can DE items and just offer a disenchant roll. So now everybody can use my profession as they see fit without me having anything to say about it.

This being said, I'm wondering when we'll see  loot screens for mining where I can roll need/greed. Skinning, and herbalism same thing. It would only be fair since people can now use my profession without my consent for their own little benefits, so why shouldn't I be allowed to use their profession for my benefit?

Why would I want to level enchanting at all how it's going to be in 3.3? I'll just DE greed my mats. No need for enchanters anymore. No need to look them up in trade to DE my greens, so they can make a buck. 

No need to look enchanters up anymore anyways since they can just stick their enchants on scrolls, which you can then go buy on AH.

And if you think about it. Why do non enchanters even get the option to roll DE? They cannot DE, they cannot do anything with the shards/dust/essences, but sell them. Not to speak about the prices going down of these items since this system will ensure a lot more enchanting materials to be available on the market.

I currently know of a lot of people who simply sell their greens to the vendor and don't go through the efforts of finding an enchanter to DE stuff for them. That will be finished for anything DEable that drops in dungeons.

I have loved being an enchanter for a long time, but am now seriously considering switching professions. I haven't seen benefits to it for a long time (where are my Enchanting patterns in ToC? I see millions for tailoring, LWing, BSing, but nothing for the other professions, and the Ulduar drop is so rare that I've seen it only two times so far), and now they've decided that my profession is supposed to give the entire group benefits.

So I have two options, switch profession, or do not do pugs (since with guildies this has never been a problem, and I doubt will ever be a problem). And not doing pugs will lock me out of several of the new systems in 3.3. (which is another story entirely, and will no doubt turn into a separate post at some point).

I am not a happy camper.But at least we know Blizzard's verdict on it. They feel everybody is entitled to have disenchanted items, so instead of giving the choice to the gamer, they just make it easy and take that choice away.

(BTW, if anybody is able to give me the positive side of this, let me know, since I cannot find any save for the part that Blizzard has at least noticed that there was a problem, and that I won't have to press my DE button as often anymore)


  1. Personally I was hoping that blizzard would give enchanters an on/off option for this. So that it would in the end be up to the enchanter to decide if they wanted the feature available to the party or not.

  2. I've given my feeling on it: not happy. It's a corruption of the free market "choose what you want to do" that had dominated before. Professions were the player's, not to be controlled by anyone else. Social convention was that enchanters would DE, usually for free; in other words we decided it was polite to exploit and we all forgot what we were doing.

    Yesterday in HToC we all rolled greed and someone mentioned they could DE after I;d won the roll. I traded the item and 5g. It's still a huge profit for me, but as someone with an enchanter it's not as much about the gold as the acknowledgment that we provide a service.

    I like the on-off idea. Even better would be an "Winner pays X gold for the shard." Some people could set it to zero, others to 5g, 10g, whatever. Sadly, people might get rude about it "OMG ur in r group y u charge us!?" *kick*

  3. I think a large portion of the reason this is being introduced is because of the cross server looking-for-group tool. In alot of pugs if theres an enchanter the blues get DE'd and everyone rolls at the end on shards.

    Can't do that in cross-server pugs because you can't trade items between players in those groups. So the enchanter could never trade the winner the shard. Its a system that while may have an impact that Enchanters across the board are negative about, its being put into place because of the positive impact they are trying to give cross server groups.

    And correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the option to DE exists if there is an enchanter in the group or not.

  4. On the flip side...why should you get the equivalent of a gathering profession and a crafting profession out of one?

  5. Hahaha, advantage? The gathering profession for enchanting used to be tailoring. The gathering profession for enchanting is get greens, not disenchanting. And getting green is not a 'go out and get more materials' option. Unless you count playing the AH.

    The DE option does not exist if there is no enchanter in the group.

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  6. Mandii's got an excellent point, you cannot trade items in cross-server pugs .. I imagine due to gold farmer concerns .. therefore, some system has to be made to get stuff disenchanted as it normally might. I think what they've come up with is a reasonable compromise between convenience and control. I'm not sure if the auto-disenchant (and remember, the enchanter must be in the group and have the skill to disenchant the item for it to appear) system even works outside of cross-realm LFG.

  7. It would've been no time that people who wanted would've stopped at the end of the dungeon (inside) to split up loot if needed.

    At least I assume there is no limited time after you've finished an instance that you get ported out or something.

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  8. I couldnt agree more with you Shy. And I dont even see value in the 'cross realm pug' arguement - the majority of pugs heroic run on my server its 'all greed on blue' anyways - so nothing changes.

    Arguements regarding the " should you get the equivalent of a gathering profession and a crafting profession out of one" - erm its one of two - or shall we punish tailors as well?

    I personally invested a lot of time into enchanting - and almost feel used by this change - I dont want to offer my DE services unless its my choice to do so - especially as enchanting mats are the mainstay of income for a considerable percentage of enchanters. It's one thing having to tolerate an idiotic pug to complete a heroic - its totally different to line his pocket with a double of dream shards to boot.

    Overall the impact on the enchant mats prices are going to vary. More items being DE'd (compared to vendoring) will increase the volumes available for sale and/or being purchased.

    The recent increase in infinite dust rates of DEing items has cause prices to dust to drop by a third - expect similar (although less significant) drops in prices of all northrend materials - especially Dream Shards and Abyss Crystals

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  9. Keep in mind there will be no "meet at the end and swap items around" in cross server pugs. No trading at all, at least, that's how I understand it. If they didn't do this, the amount of DE mats would actually drop a lot, assuming folks are using the new dungeon system .. which I believe they will be, as there's huge incentives to use it ..

  10. But you can trade inside the dungeon? Surely you won't be ported out the moment the loot from the boss is gone. That would be rather rude, not even time to say bye and thank you.

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  11. ya, before 3.3 i didnt even say i was an enchanter in groups, i'd just greed everything like everyone else and if i win the roll i get to use my profession to my benefit. i never understood why outside of an instance people paid me to de things but in an instance it was seen as an obligation, like a buff. so i feel like i was being used before the patch, but now... i don't even have the choice? if people want the mats you get from enchanting... spend the time and gold to level the profession, it's like someone telling a doctor to give diagnoses for free. i feel even more used than before,

  12. Shy, you can not traid items inside cross server instances except conjured food and drink,.