Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Loot Window

You can type /loot to see who needs/greed/passes
I've done a few dungeons myself during this weekend and I've noticed that some players are simply unaware of this feature, sometimes I saw some people needing on offspec stuff because they weren't seeing any "need" rolls from other players, obviously this can lead to some arguing.

So here it is again for the sake of clarity, please type /loot, /lootrolls or you can just click on [Loot] in the chat window. 
This will open a new loot window that shows you all rolls on every item.
You can also go to Interface->Controls-> and click on “Auto Open Loot Rolls Window!”

(Official Forums)

You can see exactly that people have greeded, who won, which rolls they had.
For the green you also see the + where you can open up the rolls.


  1. yes!
    They started hiding the loot rolls about the same time they made LFR so you don't need to roll.
    I assumed they had just turned off the display of the need/greed status to the combat log.

    Thanks for the tip.

    1. see also:

    2. I did link through to the official forums, but I'll make the link a bit clearer. I posted this since I noticed that in my guild quite a few people kept asking how this worked as well :)