Friday, October 5, 2012

Level 85-90 woah!

I spent about 35 hours to get to level 85....and I think by the time I reach level 90 I will have spent another 35 on reaching that level. Holy cow those last levels take forever!

My monk is now level 88 and a half...yes, Omi, like a 5 year old, it is important to mention that half!

Yesterday I completed the event in the Valley of the Four Winds. I have never felt so proud to be of a certain race in the game before. When I saw Chen Stormstout storming by, I was like, ooooooh, he's a panda too, just like me.

I've been wanting to change race once I reached level 90, after this, I am not so sure anymore. I think Chen Stormstout may be the first alliance character that I absolutely adore. I mean, Jaina is doing much better now she stopped sobbing, Varian turned out to be less of an ass then he first seemd, but he's still creating wars everywhere. And the other Alliance figureheads? I have honestly no idea where they are at the moment.

I had a discussion with Thror in the car this morning. He has switched to a worgen warrior for this expansion and is in the same levelling boat as I am. We were discussing which races we can relate to.

We came to the conclusion that we can relate to humans because...well, they're humans. Gnomeys are cute, but secretly a bit evil underneath. Dwarves are the happy drunk, merry people. Dranei, holier than god. Worgen...yeah.

Blizzard basically did a piss-poor job adding worgen to the game. After their starting area you don't see them anywhere. Relating to them is hard and I can imagine if you have not done the starting area you can completely wonder about where those wolves all of a sudden came from.

Panda's on the other hand....those are a different story. Already Panda's become fully integrated in the lore, in the stories and in our hearts. Panda's are the chubby, wise people. The people who are proud and elegant, yet they love their beer (no fancy wine for me sir, just an ale please).

I have to say though, if Blizzard ever adds a new class/race to the game I seriously hope they will not be starting at level 1. Any raider will be dead by the time they have levelled this character to full level in time for the first raid. And well..if not dead, at least completely pissed off with the game.

Anyways, that was the rambling for me for today. More levelling to do, but I will get there!

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