Wednesday, October 10, 2012

5 things I would change about Mists

This expansion is turning out pretty good so far, and I am truly enjoying myself. I am also glad that I made the switch to the monk. The playstyle is pleasant and quite a change from the priest, which is absolutely what I needed.

However, there are a few things I would change, wouldn't be a good WoW player if I didn't have a few peeves, no?
1. Mote of Harmony / Spirit of Harmony should be account bound.
I have alts with needs, but also I have alts with trade skills which are useless unless I actually play them. And at the rate the motes have been droping for me (since Sunday I have managed to get 30 or so, and I have done many many dailies and dungeons!) it'll take a looong time to get anything done with an alt.
People keep saying, 'It'll get bettter!' and 'They drop more often from high level mobs', well I have no idea how high the mob's level has to be, but doing all the Tillers, Klaxxi and Golden Lotus dailies, plus a scenario and 3 dungeons I got 6 motes yesterday.

That said, the droprate could be a tiny bit higher as well.
2. Alts should be allowed to fly.

Again the alts...(I have 6 85's waiting to get their time). Levelling from 85 to 90 takes long enough, why would you gate that as well? It's not all that bad to ride around, but with everything there is to do.

I bet that eventually they'll give alts flying books like the book they gave us a few months into Wrath, but I wish I could use this while stuff is current, instead of when it's no longer all that rewarding.
3. Tradeskill cooldowns

With all the artificial gating already in the game, (materials requirements being high, motes of harmony, reputation, not earning a high amount of valor points, justice points being near useless, etc) I do not think it was needed to put a cooldown on just about every major item needed for tradeskills. Inscription has them (scrolls of wisdom), alchemy (living steel), cloth...

I already didn't like them for cloth before, and now they're everywhere. It feels that if I want to get anything done in the game I am obliged to log in every day of the week, or be behind on the content. Not a nice choice.
4. Grocery baskets at the Tillers/Cooking
Did we really need 50 different baskets? And 20 different food items to grant the same stat? The only thing this does is fill up my bank and bags, and I think by now we all know how precious bag space is.

And the baskets...really now. I understand that there are baskets that need 100 of 1 item and ones that require only 20, but that makes for 2 or maybe 3 different baskets, not the outgrowth we have now.
5. Spirit food comes from fishing

Why is spellcaster food and healer food completely based on fishing? Are those the only people who are supposed to have the patience to do this? Or are these the classes that are not expected to prefer killing stuff over fishing?

I am very very annoyed by this, since it means that I have to spend all my hard-earned tokens on buying fish, or spend some of the time that I desperately need to catch up on fishing. And then force myself to go fishing more for the items I need. Why can I not go do my quests, kill some mushan cows and get my food? Why are spirit and int users put at a disadvantage here?

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