Friday, October 1, 2010

Cleanup on the Blogroll

I went through my list of blogs that I read and I noticed how many blogs are just blabbering on about all sorts of stuff I'm not even interested in reading any longer. So I've cleared up my blog list and will start adding new ones as I find them.

A couple I will definitely leave on them, just because they are still good to read, and I figured they deserved a special shoutout here...

World of Matticus

I cannot always agree with what is written here. And I sometimes wonder if he's in my head (I find posts there that I've been struggling to write and all of a sudden it shows up on this blog so I'll just discard them at that point), but the blog is consistently well written, and speaks about Worlf of Warcraft at least. Definitely something to subscribe to even though you might still skip a post at times.

The Pink Pigtail Inn

Larissa has some of the sharpest views on things out there. Mostly they are related to World of Warcraft in some way, and while this is definitely not about tactics or anything the stuff she writes is good to read. And oh...make sure to read the comments too, she has quite a few readers and it's funny to see how some things get discussed.

Righteous Orbs

I was reading this blog already when it was still called 'Standing in the back in my Sissy Robes'. Not sure if I got all the capitals right, but eh. The blog deals with situations in game, written from his point of view. Often very funny to read since he seems to have a nice dose of sarcasm in his pocket which is sprinkled freely throughout the posts.

Kaliope's WoW Crafting Blog

It's still my go to blog for the newest information on trade skills in WoW. Not only because this blog gives up to date information, but also because of the effort put in discovering all of it.

Krasus Chronicles

I've been following this blog for a while now, and while it isn't updated too often, I do enjoy following her story. Sort of like a soap series sometimes I guess.

Need More Rage

Last of the WoW blogs, but definitely not least, a blog that manages to make me giggle with every single post. I always hope I find a new post on this blog when I go through my reader just because they brighten up my day. Short and funny. Go there!

Hyperbole and a Half

Not a World of Warcraft blog, but everybody should read this. It's had me crying with tears of laughter just because it's sooo true. Well written, immensely funny, and you gotta love the drawings with the posts.

Anyway, that's it for today. I had some whiney post about Cataclysm in my head, but I've decided against it. I remember my feelings when Wrath was coming up all too well, and I'm thinking that I'll wait and see. I can still cancel the subscription when it really turns sour I won't have to cry out about it beforehand.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Thank you very much for your kind words and the link love. I feel honored to be picked for such a slimmed blogroll. And yes, I too recommend the comment section. Often my readers add thoughts that are way more interesting and well put than the original post and I'm immensly grateful for their involvement. Nowadays my blog doesn't feel as much as a solo project, but more like a meeting space. Which is beyond what I ever could hope for.

  2. Is some very distinguished company I's in, which always be an honor. And I's always glad fer ta hear someone enjoys me silly little blog.

    Now I kinda feel bad fer askin', but could you fix the URL in this post? Is kinda borked....

  3. Oh wow...that wasn't kinda borked, that was very borked, sowwee >_<

  4. I've been reading some of those blogs for a long time but I haven't heard of Need More Rage. Thanks for that :)

  5. I'm honoured - thank you for the link, and for a place on your slimmed down blogroll. You were one of the first blogs I remember reading (back in my sissy robe...) and I'm glad you're updating again :)

  6. Woaw...
    When I read the article, I really didn't expected to be on the list. Thanks a lot for the link love !

    And you're right, I'm not posting very often, though I write more these days than before, maybe because I'm more happy in the game than before... :)

    Thanks again.

  7. I'm in your head stealin' your ideaz!

    Such a prestigious list, indeed. And while you may not always agree, I'm happy with that. My end goal has always been to challenge the reader to think ^^.

    Keep up what you're doing.