Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Shy's MistWeaver Monk Stat Priority

I was reading the mistweaver guide at wowinsider and I came to the conclusion that I should review the stat priority I posted a few posts ago.

So for my Mistweaver I will be going with:

Spirit up the wazoo > 8.32% haste > Mastery > Crit > Int
  • Spirit because I have always been, and probably will always be, a thirsty healer. 
  • 8.32% haste because the 5% haste buff is not always available, and haste is always useful, though not as useful beyond the extra tick
  • Mastery because I do have a good raid team normally, and they will stand in little green orbs
  • Crit because double healing numbers are nomnomNOM
  • Then int because...well, bigger heals are nice and all, but a primary stat is way more expensive than a secondary stat and it doesn't do anything for my manapool anymore anyways. 
The other thing I realized when reading this guide is that I should jab more, jab all the time and constantly. It gives the nummy chi's to spend on heals without having to spend mana. 

I also have to set up some weakauras:
  • One that shows me when my Serpent's Zeal buff is about to run out. 
  • One that reminds me to cast Renewing Mist on cooldown (I didn't have to deal with that sort of stuff as a priest)
  • One that tracks when I need to explode my Zen Sphere because, unlike the writer of the wowinsider guide, I do like this talent. I find this really really pleasant in stacked up groups, I cast it on a rogue in the melee and make it explode when it's close to expiration, while I keep my renewing mist travelling around in the ranged with the glyph for example. And I love being able to set it up before hand. 
  • One that alerts me that Grapple Weapon is available again, if it goes off it increases healing after all
Things I should explore and play with:
  • Xuen - I love the tiger in the dps spec, such a gorgeous pet to have around. So I really will have to try out how well it does for a healer. 
  • Glyph of Surging Mist - I've been avoiding this glyph so far, but it seems that none of the major glyphs is really something I want in my playstyle so maybe this is an option. 
Current WoW Feeling:

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  1. Xuen owns. Even when the other two talents are used optimally they still don't beat out the eminence heals xuen does. So unless you're specifically picking RJW for a stack focused fight, xuen is the clear winner. And even in a stack centered fight, xuen is still close.