Saturday, February 12, 2011

Everybody is Responsible

Heroics are getting easier and last week I've already had two dps in the group who were doing stupid stuff. Standing in just about everything, or absent-mindedly breaking CC. When asked I got the replies that they were not paying attention, or watching television.

And you know what?


If everybody does their job the heroic is fun for everyone in there. Stuff is CCed in our group, not because I cannot heal through it, but because it makes everything go a lot smoother. I don't have to drink as often, and I don't have to stress out over healing. The healer, the tank, the dps all have a much more relaxed time if everybody carries their weight and simply does their job. 

If one person starts slacking off, the healer has to pull more tricks and has to drink more often. The tank has to be a lot more vigilant on where threat lies, and the dps themselves risk to get a close-up of the floor. 

And you know what?

If you end up in my group and you start screwing up because you're not paying attention, or because you're watching television, or doing other stuff you should not be doing....expect to be kicked. I generally bring a guild tank and a guild dps so we're with three of us, and you will get kicked. 

Don't be that idiot and you'll probably have the smoothest run you've had all week, with chain pulls, at least 1 dps above 16K and a healer and tank who have now been working together for almost 4 years. 


  1. I've been thinking about this a lot recently, actually. I have this weird dichotomous feeling about kicking people, but I can't stop doing it. It's gotten to the point that the VtK option is so long for me I have to ask other people to initiate it for me. Frequently, even if they're strangers, they do, because the person in question is so bad. Yet, I still feel guilty about it.

    I don't know why. As you've very succinctly put it, they're being selfish idiots by either splitting their attention or - well - you know what you wrote. They're making everyone else's job harder. They deserve to be kicked.

    I wish there was no VtK wait time, but I wonder what kind of unforgiving person I'd become if there wasn't.

    Nice post(:

  2. well said! I'm one of those people who watches TV / messes around on Facebook or whatever else while playing WOW _until_ I step into an instance where other people are relying on me.

    I don't mind people messing up because they're new and learning the ropes(providing they're trying to learn). But messing up consistantly because you're being slack is just direspectful to others.

    If there's something on TV I'd rather watch than play WOW, I won't play, simple. I just wish the votekick function gave you the option to explain to the person being kicked why it was happening.

  3. The box you fill in when you vote kick someone is shown to the person as they are removed from the group I believe.

  4. Speaking as someone who was recently kicked as someone tanking an instance for the first time (not a bad tank at all, but didn't know the pulls and everyone was too impatient for me to be able to take the time and figure them out, or give guidance), I can tell you all it says is "You have been removed from the group".

    I agree, they should have a reason field for the player...sometimes, it might actually make them better.

  5. I sometimes get kicked for doing too my damage (angry tanks and all that). No, seriously I do. Anyways, Raven is correct. it only says, "you've been removed from the group."

    It's probably a good thing for the game because most messages I get when I'm asked to vote is masked profanity or worse.


  6. Huh, funny. I would think you would actually give these people the reason why they were kicked. How else would you even stand the smallest chance that they would improve/change it?

    Maybe I should go suggest this on the boards :)