Thursday, December 2, 2010

This dude deserves a lesson

....and I wish I could give it to him. But unfortunately nothing is done with this sort of stuff. These sort of idiots do ruin the fun for everbody though.

This tank was pulling at high speed, skipping ziggurats, telling me to shut up and dps more, etc. Arrogance was leaving a slimy trail behind him and then came this:

I have no idea, who the Agritas dude is, but boy was he a prick.

His guild 'Carried by Paramore' should be ashamed of having a player like this in it. And if this does happen to be the standard of that guild...well, I don't think I can advice anybody to join it.

Oh hey...his guild counts 10 people or am I not surprised?

On the other hand, here is Lesrome. No heirloom items...of course he'll do less well than someone who's decked out in heirloom items and has 3 levels on him (ie me).

I seriously feel like crying at the state of the player base social side sometimes :(


  1. Awww Shy, I think the problem with encountering dicks in LFG is that we remember them more than we the ordinary players, just getting on with things and doing their job. And Lesrome seemed a pretty decent person, at least, even if the tank was *awful*.

  2. Lesrome was a pretty decent person. He was just pewpewing.

    I was talking to a guildie about this afterwards and he said that he had had worse and that this was mild.

    I have to agree, this dude at least wasn't cussing and namecalling all over the place, but the situation with these horrible players is getting out of hand.

    I wish we could unite all decent people and just start a boycot on idiots like this one. And every time one of these things happened, tank or no tank, byebye.

  3. Every time I see a pug group like that one, I think back to this and how true it is:

    The short form is perfectly nice people in RL because raging assholes when there's no repercussions.

    I agree that idiots should be boycotted - I just wish that it was easier to hold jerk tanks and healers (though it does seem to be the tanks most often when I find these accounts) more accountable.

    Well, at the very least I'll do my part with being a polite tank who even checks on the healer's mana pool before tearing off down the hallway!

  4. The other day I got stuck with an awful tank in LFD. Eventually the group ended with no success. Not long after I got a really great tank who not only knew how to play, but was also considerate of the needs of the rest of the group in terms of bosses to kill, and communicated clearly and constantly so we all knew what we were doing and what was going on. I was sad when that group finished the instance.

  5. If I was there, I'm vote-kicking Agritas before he ever requests it. I can't stand people like that and would be happy to wait for a new tank rather than listen to him blather on and on. I've not experienced a ton of terrible PuGs, but of course there's been a fair share. Just have to grit your teeth and bear it sometimes.

  6. The worst part is that I indeed vote-kicked the tank and the vote didn't pass....people are too scared to have to wait another half an hour for the next tank, so they put up with it :(

    And I seem to have the WORST luck with pugs lately. Screamers, quitters, whiners, name-callers, had just about everything in the past week.

  7. It was the /spit thing that final tipped me over the edge. There was a rash of it in my LFGs -- just horrible. Thankfully it seems to be all over now, there are a lot of returnees and raiders collecting their 4K in LFG, the high percentage of asshats that were around seems to have dropped off.

  8. Can they all stop ending up in my groups then? >_<

  9. I'm doing what I can to make the tank situation less bad! :)

  10. As we hit Cata this will become worse too. Last time the nasty folks were getting angry when they had to explain the new 5 man boss fight on day three of Wrath. Totally unacceptable behaviour that the player would not do if they were in person.

    We can just vote kick, or leave and hope that our corrections make slow change.

  11. ... Yea, i'm not a fan of people who pull up the DPS charts constantly... I usually play heals and my guild is called "Charity", so I like to bring new 80's [brand spankin' freshly new 80's] through dungeons, and they always seem to pull up the dps charts and start dissing on the people I bring without even knowing why their in there to begin with... I'm the type of person who teaches people what to do, I explain fights, and yea, none the less, people like that just aggravate me as well... But hey, can't do nothing about them.... yet....

  12. I have tanked since release, as a Warrior. This type of behavior from anyone, especially a tank, is ridiculous at best. He is NOT the rule, he is the exception.

    I get bitched out for over explaining boss fights, and being slow to pull, but I know my job and I like to be successful.

    The wrath go go go kids will disappear in cata. (and so will annoying, unskilled tanks)

    I'd rather have a total n00b in poor gear who is excited and TRYING, than an uber-geared person that could care less and is an ass.

    That goes for any class.

    DT - Emerald Dream

  13. Tanks from 'you know where' lol. This type of behavior makes LFG a headache for everyone playing @.@

    Although, with this post, I think karma bit the person on the behind since now the guy is outted for everyone to see what kind of jerk he(?) is :P

  14. And ya know what? I had about 75000 visitors in the last 2 days ;) So yeah, people might think again if they pull this sort of stuff, you never know, maybe I made a small difference!

  15. I've had a warrior tank since I started the game. (Three year now?) I love tanking! I can't understand why someone would act like they're so's not like a real tank is needed at that point as long as you have a decent healer.

    Nonetheless I'm always trying to be a very helpful tank...i.e. carrying water for depleted mana pools, knowing fights, and just generally keeping moral high. Now tanks aren't known for their intelligence mind you.. and some seem to not understand the fact that without your healer and your dps you are NOTHING.

    Hopefully these downright mean, and nasty people will realize that THEY ARE BEING WATCHED and they are BEING OUTED all over the internet. Le's keep things smooth there my tanking brethren.

    Warror beards for life!!

  16. Nothing makes me want to stop playing more than rude people in PUGs. It's such an awful waste of precious free time and money when you feel worse after playing a game than before.