Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sometimes I seem to be the last to find out...

Ok, so I have my day off today and I was working diligently on my dailies, since you sort of have to in the beginning to get some gear...and well, I do want the mounts.

And I found this page on wowhead: The Tillers

I had no idea that you can bring everybody a food dish each day o_O

But hey, for all of you who didn't know either, bookmark the page and go there when you want to know who likes which gift best, and who wants which dish.

Also, since I started the monk I haven't maxed out my fishing yet. To be honest I don't like fishing all that much, and well...yeah.

But when I was doing Angler's dailies I found out that even at very low fishing level you can already fish in the pools in Pandaria. So don't despair! If you need fishies for the cloud serpent dailies, they come from pools and you can fish them! :)

Lastly, I had no idea, but apparently there are eggs scattered around the cloud serpent island. Somewhat like the Netherwing eggs.

If you find one, bring it back and you get rep.

Of course there were none to be seen when I went over to the island, but just saying....

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