Monday, June 8, 2009

Where am I?

I hand't planned on doing a Where am I? this week. In fact I had planned on doing part III of the Ulduar guide. But then I went out to do some quests for the loremaster achievement, and I just saw this amazing opportunity for a screenshot.

Unfortunately I did have to leave Anzu at home. He simply refused to come with me once he realized where we were going. Something about the area not agreeing with him I believe.

So I pulled out the kodo and he didn't seem to have a problem with taking me where I wanted to go. I did tell him not to drink from the water, you never know what's in it.

I'll find the person who guesses it first this week a bloody mary. Don't ask me just seemed appropriate.

Weekend Overview
We had a pretty amazing weekend as well. Got another meta achievement for Ulduar 10 (Crazy Cat Lady), we went back on Sunday and ran into time problems so frying dwarves will have to wait. We also had some fun in Ulduar 25, and I have to say that I'm pretty amazed by the quality of dps in our guild as a whole.

And we got Sarth 2D done. Not entirely there yet, but we ran out of playtime, and I'm sure Sarth 3D will be falling some time this week. And then it's only Maly 6 minutes that we have left for the Glory of the Raider achievement. Woot!


  1. That one is easy for someone who levelled 3 Draenei up to level 18...
    You are in Bloodmist, on the bridge crossing the river on the main road.

    I levelled my priest here, I can't tell you how many times I died and crossed this very bridge in ghost form... But at the time, I didn't know how to play a healer and forgot to heal myself... Booo...

    And GG for the achievements :) I got the 6min Malygos Saturday evening, and so did the rest of the guild : guild first (and realm 2nd... yes I'm on a small realm), it was great !


    Recent blog post: Rainding for first kills server.

  2. Yeah, I didn't figure it would be too hard to figure this one out. The colours just made that it was such an amazing screenshot.

    I read that you're having fun raiding in your new guild. Glad you managed to get the 6 minute Maly done, very cool ^_^

  3. Who are you replying too?

  4. Woops...had to moderate still. Done now ^_^